Simple cloth simulation


Hello guys,
I tried to skin the clothes of my character, while it could work with trousers and shoes, it’s definitely terrible with shirt. I’d like to simulate the shirt, but it’s too much for my PC. I was wondering if there’s any way to realize a not so detailed, but good enough simulation. Like the one they do in videogames, I recently played ‘The Witcher 3’ and you can watch out any gameplay to understand what I mean. That’s not skin, but simple simulation, and works pretty well.
Thank you!!
My bad skin:


One way is to model and simulate it in Marvelous Designer. This way you would get very realistic animation. If you want to simulate it like in games, you could create a separate clothes layer, then bind it to lowpoly clothes for simulatiom with skinwrap. But the latter sis no easier than the first method in my opinion, and works well if you have a very dense clothes mesh, which would be hard to simulate otherwise.


Hello mister3d, thank you for you answer.
I did the model in marvelous, but I’ve already did the retopopology and unwrap in max, and didn’t really wanted to simulate the trousers too. Also in marvelous I wasn’t able to create a proper well modeled belt.
I tried to simulate a low poly version but the result is really buggy:

Here’s the project
uploadforumcloth.max (1.0 MB)


Update: only works with specific presets, like wool


Tried different materials and settings but seems like 3dsmax native cloth really sucks.

I think I have 2 possible ways now, I’d like if you can advice me on which one would be better:

1 Go back to Marvelous designer > simulate the clothes I’ve created > Import in max > unwrap and texture it again
I’ve made a lot of changes to my marvelous clothes since I first imported it in max, these would be lost. Also the belt I’ve designed pass through the pants while in marvelous it doesn’t

2 Simulate the clothes in marvelous and skin wrap the one I have in max to it. Do you think it could work?


dunno what you’re talking about…Max Cloth works fine…

Cloth_test.max (1.8 MB)


@vusta Wish it worked like that.
I’ve opened the file you attached, simulated it without touching anything, this is the result
Maybe it’s my PC, dunno why my simulation happens to be worst than yours