Simple Animation Pipeline?


For now i can only afford to use Zbrush and Blender

I just need a good place to start I’ve watched various tutorials they all use maya 3ds max etc which i can’t afford

If someone could point me in the right direction only using Zbrush and blender


Really quite vague… precisely what are you trying todo?

An object generated in ZB, to be rigged - animated in Blender or visa versa?

As an aside, although for instance the most popular DCC polygonal software eg: 3ds Max, Maya, Modo, Blender, differ in terms of utility operations for their various suite of tools however overall guiding principles remain universal across the board so just a matter of translating the ‘button-pushing’ workflow, from one too the other which simply requires a bit of homework.


Zbrush for modeling and blender for rigging and animating


A trove of useful info, that pretty much covers everything, for those new to the medium:


blender can pretty much do everything you need…lots of tutorials on youtube.