Simcloth 1.1


EIAS3D releases an update to Simcloth.


There are some video tutorials in the zip too now, going through some basic quick start stuff, as well as how to get cloth with characters.



Nice Work!


thanks, synops on special features? Cloth thickness maybe?

BTW, great to see these consistent updates. Great Job.


Hi Alonzo,

Thickness isn’t supported by SimCloth (on any platform). The recommended workflow is to extrude the mesh ‘downstream’ from the cloth, in EIAS you can do this by attaching the cloth to Mrs. Bebel.



Does it work with skinned characters now?


Thank Ian. That would work.

Morley, I don’t know but I imagine it would work with DMM character imports.


Hi Richard,

Yes it works with any deforming mesh (deformation regions, skins etc.).
All you do is check the green animation triangle on the skin, this tells the plug to reload the mesh every frame.



Hi all,
just wondering if the simcloth update will work with EIAS 6.5 or does it need version 8.0?
It would be great for a project I have coming up!


Just found the answer to my question on the - 7 and 8.0 compatibility only!
Thanks for the plug guys, well done, guess I might have to upgrade to use it!


Very nice guys… I know we all look forward to the future!


Thank you very much for this.


Great job! Great to see regular updates!


Here’s an example of thickening cloth with Bebel.



Look great.


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