Silo 2.5 Feedback


Viktor and others with the missing msvcr100.dll issue (where Silo wouldn’t run/install and gave an error message saying there was a missing DLL):

We’ve just updated the installer on the site to include the DLL and the problem should be fixed. You can snag the updated installer by going to file and downloading the latest installer. (Win only, this wasn’t a Mac issue)



This message pertains to the FBX files exported by Silo. I only use FBX in two programs, but neither of them can open Silo’s FBX files. The same model converted to FBX in Blender or the Autodesk FBX converter works fine.

In hopes that you can figure out the difference between the FBX that works and the FBX being generated by Silo, I have created a zip archive containing all the files used to create FBX output from the same OBJ. Here is a link to the Zip file:

Included in this ZIP archive, you should find the following files:

  1. test4FBX.obj (An OBJ model of a cube, generated by SILO (most recent version))
  2. test4FBX.png (texture for the OBJ file)
  3. test4FBX.fbx (FBX file of the same model, generated by SILO)
  4. test4FBX_blender.fbx (FBX file of the same model… OBJ imported to Blender, then exported as FBX binary v7.4)
  5. test4FBX_blender_ascii.fbx (blender export FBX ascii v6.1)
  6. FBX_errorMSF.png, a screen capture of the error I get when trying to import the SILO FBX into my animation program
    (in hopes it will provide some clues about what the file is missing)

The Blender version of the FBX imports with no error.

If you have tools that let you view the internal differences, I’m hoping you can change Silo’s FBX export format (or at least offer a second export option) that provides the same information that the Blender version provides.


One request - OpenSubDiv to replace the current sub division.


Waiting for more Silo updates …


From what I understand FBX is an Autodesk proprietary format that they change often enough that developers get a headache trying to support it.


Maybe Silo 3D v.2.5.5, will be a big update with all the feedback from this thread and others :).

( One can only hope … :slight_smile: )


Can plug-ins or add-ons be developed and contributed by users for Silo?

I thought this might make for a dynamic and evolving set of community tools.


2.5.5 has been available for a small while (just incase no one noticed).

Segmented bevelling is now in. It seems a little slow when rounding bevels on high res text; (comparing against XSI and Blender)

When bevelling text faces, holes are ignored (same with inset scale). It would be great if bevel and inset scale could work with holes.

An option to automatically merge vertices of overlapping components would be useful with bevel and inset scale (maybe shell too) XSI calls it Manage Collisions. Another option to mark the edges of bevels as hard/creased (except segments of course).

Bevel op needs to stay live while editing segments.

Also, ticks on checkboxes would be nice :]


Windows 10: when i have a tool option docked and open another tool option through a keyboard shortcut, the previous name stays in the title :smiley: