Silo 2.5 Feedback


This happens sometimes, but if you close and re-open silo and try again, it usually works as expected.


I post here too, mightbe someone can help

after installing silo it was asking for msv100 dll
I downloaded from Microsoft the msi installer then program saying windows has to close due error
when windows find solution will notify me…

where I should looking for?

last I know windows isn’t intelligent program… so hard to imagine itself it could fix it…

any help would be appreciated
kind regards


the Boolean I think could work if more subdivided…

in my opinion, Boolean works with solids, with meshes need to make the connecting edges same then bridge function clse it perfectly


Hello, Viktor. What versions of Silo and Windows are you using? I’m assuming you are using Silo 2.5( the latest download ) and an earlier version of Windows?

Also, could you let me know the contents of the Silo folder on your disk? I have a feeling there should be other similar files named “msvcp120.dll” and “msvcr120.dll” in that folder.


Hey if I can put in a request for some kind of heatmapping to show areas of distortion in Silo’s UV mapping, that would be super handy. Also snap to pixel in the uv 2d view.


Just a thought but would it be possible at some point down the road to include a scripting feature or plug-in api?


A crash has happened during todays session and I was able to repeat it several times…

I refined my base mesh after subdividing twice and then used “unify normals” to correct the right-hand side of the mesh, and then windows came up with “Silo 2 has stopped working…”.

Using Windows 10 and my system has 20GB of system memory and 4GB of video memory. Its not a big problem as I can just unify the normals before subdividing, but thought I’d just report it in.



This ^ is likely #1 on everyone’s list, and the Gumroad plugins market is creating a lot of rewarding opportunities for plugin/scripting devs. I could imagine it taking off very fast.


I tinkered around in the Maya api years ago and I would love to do something similar for Silo. I shall keep Gumroad in mind.



Split loop from highlighted selection is slightly borked.

Previously: Hover over edge, shift-x to split a loop; hover over next edge, shift-x to split another loop.

Currently: Hover over edge, shift-x to split a loop; hover over next edge, shift-x to clear selection of previous split loop, shift-x again to split new loop.


I was wondering, does Silo have Lattice Deformers ?
Maybe something like this the developers could add in the new update ? :slight_smile:


I can’t believe it took until page 7 for someone to mention this.

Make a decent bevel tool already!!! You shouldn’t have to export your mesh to bevel it in some other app and re-import it just to get a proper bevel.



Another Request -

Be Able to import High Polygon Meshes an Reference Meshes ( in Modo you can import as Static Mesh ) to be able to do retopology on them .

Right now I can’t import 1 Mil Poly Mesh ( and this is medium for other softwares ) .


Move and Sew UVs consistently causes Silo to close on me.


Yep, confirmed this too in 2.54.


@rootsworks and @iron-bear-xl, thanks for the report/confirmation! can you confirm which OS you are running Silo on?


No problem, this was on Windows 7 x64.


Windows 10 x64 for me!


I’m using the demo version of Silo on Windows 10 x64,
(I was a user around when Silo 1 came out, and have been recommending it for years).

I’ve been having stability issues,
it usually happens when saving,
but it can happen at any time.
I expected to purchase the program this weekend,
but I can’t see wasting time/money on something this unstable.

There are also some weird behaviors that I don’t recall.

  1. There is only one options window available at a time, so I can’t keep persistent settings available.
  2. It seems to have issues with linking points to each other, often on entirely different parts of the model, after mirroring.


New user of Silo 2.5.4 via Steam on MacOS Sierra 10.12.6. I’m seeing the same immediate crash if I try and click to change the number of sections of a torus. I was, however, able to avoid an immediate crash by clicking on the title of the Torus creation details and then selecting the first parameter, Inner Radius, which let me highlight the default value. Pressing tab highlighted subsequent fields, so I could change the radial and circumferential segments to 12 and 12, then a further tab (which I assume invisibly selected the Create button), followed by a space (to activate the Create button) successfully created the torus according to its specifications. Very tedious not to be able to directly select the parameters I wanted to change and click on the Create button.