Silo 2.5 Feedback


I can confirm this behavior as well on the most recent build, exactly how @mattymanx described it.


2.5.2 is out and it’s really really good! Thank you Nevercenter <3

-Added support for loading/saving of materials and textures in FBX.
-Added a combined Diffuse and Ambient color picker to the Material Editor (to save time when setting both fields to the same color).
-Fixed Save Selected Objects to only save selected objects in FBX.
-Fixed Save Selected Objects to only save out relevant materials in all file formats.
-Fixed an issue with Revert to Autosave filenames.
-Fixed scrolling and selection bugs within the Scene Editor.
-Updated Scene Editor to open expanded by default.
-Updated Load Into Scene to select and highlight newly-added objects.


Happy to see Silo Updated again . Maybe in the next update we can get " specify a smoothing angle for the crease edge feature ? " :slight_smile:


Fantastic update, thank you!


Is there a way to do incremental, rotation, from 15 to 15 degrees like in Maya or Modo ? Maybe something like this can we get in the next update if it’s not in already :slight_smile: .


The rotation handles on the snapping manipulator rotate in 15 degree increments. You can set specific angles in the snapping manipulator options.


Great never knew about that one :slight_smile: ! Thx


I wanted to clarify this so I made a small pic, hope it makes more sense now.


Could we get some preview rendering in Silo like in Zbrush ? With GPU, I think it’s very easy with nVidia which supplies all libraries for GPU render. No need for shaders of fancy stuff but simple GPU render would be great.


Also i see that Rocket 3F (Nvil) latest update adds matcap support. Not that big of a deal, but makes the modeling process fancier and more enjoyable :stuck_out_tongue:


Will the custom placement of buttons by hand be back? I miss it. You didn’t have to remove it, just bring it back. It’s compatible with what has been done I think.


We got a report in that Silo doesn’t play well with file paths including an em dash (long dash)—this was for a Windows system, opening/saving files.Any other “nonstandard” file characters you’ve noticed issues with? (We’ll do tests, but if there are specific ones you’ve run into issues with, we’d love to hear about them.) Please let us know character(s) and OS you are running. This probably won’t be fixed in this very next release (coming in a day or two) but should be fixed in the next one.p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 14.0px ‘Helvetica Neue’; color: #1d2129}
span.s1 {letter-spacing: 0.0px}


We’ve had several requests for this–unfortunately, a rewrite of how that system works means it’s not as simple as just turning it back on, but we will take a look and see what that same level of customization would take.

(As a workaround, you can use an older version of Silo with the custom placement to design the button setup you want and then open that custom setup in the newer version of Silo)


Oh, this is an interesting idea–we’ll take a look.


Also, I realize now that there are many good ideas in here and it will probably be annoying if I go through and reply to each one. (Sorry, we hit a communications snag for a bit and got off track visiting here regularly.) So what I will do is make a list of all of them and bring them to our next Silo dev discussion. :slight_smile: Thanks so much for the ongoing suggestions!




I’ve just downloaded the latest trial of Silo (for Mac) and run it… oops, is the boolean is totally screwed up? Or is it intentionally this way??? Or just this version? Can someone give feedback if boolean works ok or in the latest version?
The funny thing is that I only downloaded Silo to check out its handling of booleans…


Hello, font size and resolution for display options, like blender, would be a good idea.


In my experiance, its just the boolean function being picky. I see it all the time. It depends on the two shapes really. At some point it works


[quote=]In my experiance, its just the boolean function being picky. I see it all the time. It depends on the two shapes really. At some point it works[/quote]VERY picky. Booleans and polygons don’t seem to mix nearly as well as they do in solid modelers (for obvious reasons) but it helps greatly to have the two objects being modified to have similar edge counts where they interact.


Awesome, thanks NC!