Silo 2.5 Feedback


Right now Silo it’s pretty much great .
Where I would see some improvements is in :

  • UV’s make them something like 3dCoat - interactive unwrapping and the algorithm should unwrap the island fully not like is right now, maybe a straightener like in modo or maya
  • And make a system to import large meshes - something like 4 - 6 mil polys , and silo won’t slow down . Split the mesh in sectors ( something Topogun does )

Having these improved I think it will be a gorgeous tool to use and I never have to switch between an app to do my UV’s and an app to do retopo . I’ll do pretty much everything in Silo .


My only suggestion is to provide an option (unless there is and I am missing it) to increase font size of the buttons/menus. WOW! The default font size is small!!!


>Material Editor needs improvement. I would like to see shaders in preview like in Zbrush - glossy, metal, leather. I think Nvidia api makes such things really easy now.


I’m still having issue with the scene editor jumping up to the top every time I click on an object. It’s only noticeable when you have a large scene or long list of assets in the scene, but it’s made majority of my projects impossible to get anything done in. I absolutely love Silo, but for now I’m going to have to revert to 2.4.0 Beta D until its fixed.

Both @iron-bear-xl and @mattymanx had mentioned this issue as well. Hopefully it gets resolved soon!


The new simpler way to customize the interface is in fact a loss of feature. Now I can’t place buttons where I like. My current interface can’t be modified or created using the new version.
Please bring back the custom positioning of items and the case to move them freely.

The new changes add nothing but remove the possibility of doing a manual placement. Bring it back.


Hey everyone! We wanted to let you know that another micro Silo update (2.5.02b) just went live. This includes the Retina/Hi-DPI fix from 2.5.02, but more importantly to this thread: updated error message behavior. (We hear you–the initial change in 2.5 was super annoying to workflow.)

You can download the update from (or on Steam/MAS if you initially purchased there). Would love to hear your feedback on it.



Thank you Presque. It is very appreciated that you listen and change. I find the new version very stable and powerful. It is just some few things that are annoying when working with it:

  • the Steam problem: it bothers with a popup everytime a file is opened, and doesn’t allow more than 1 instance of Silo, so I can’t open several obj in different windows as I used, to compare meshes
  • the buttons can’t be placed manually because the case that said “allow dragging” is removed. You can bring it back and just keep the other simple options. Just letting the drag option visible is enough.

Thank you so much. Other than that it’s fantastic. But those problems aren’t so I had to roll back. The first annoys a lot when working, and the other makes impossible to build some custom interfaces, or update my current, which is one of the strongest features of Silo.


Installed the latest Silo2.5.02b and it won’t start, had to uninstall and reinstall previous version (2.5.02). I guess we need another fix, thanks. OS Windows 10.


I don’t know how I have never picked up on this before or seen anyone mention it.

Some of the default hot keys don’t work on English UK (and probably others?) keyboard layout. This has probably been the case since Silo 1.0 :]

The issue seems to be restriced to the editor/options menu. For example. Scene Editor Ctrl+Alt+ E. That combination produces é not an e as it does on a US layout.

Of couse the keys are easy to change but I don’t like the accented character in my menus :stuck_out_tongue:


Don’t know if this has been mentioned before, but wanted to point out a usability issue. The absence of labels in the manipulator makes working with numerical editor difficult for color blind folks, since the numerical editor uses X, Y and Z numerical fields and the manipulator denotes axis with colors only. Even for those that have normal vision can find this to be a source of frustration, when new to Silo, because the manual doesn’t associate the axis to the colors either. So adding association in the manual helps a little ( as this is the cheapest fix), but adding labels to the manipulator would be the best fix.


Miguel Rivera, when Silo allowed for customized locations of button I created a manipulator image, added it to a No Function button and placed it in a corner of my workspace. I was always getting mixed up with what was x, y, or z and needed a visual cue to get me oriented. I couldn’t find my old image but did find this one on-line. Not exactly the same as Silo but still does the job.


Hi I’m getting a very consistent crash on all versions of Silo. If you enter the extended creation box with your mouse for a cylinder, box, etc. It will crash immediately.

Also, the UI is pretty messed up at the bottom and left sides. I’ve restarted my computer and all that.


toggle unselected invisible/visible so it can be bound to a hotkey or a single button, like isolate select in Maya or Solo in Zbrush
shrink wrap, so important to be able to move all the vertices at once to the closest point on another mesh. You already have it a little with soft selection snap, however be nice to do this over the whole mesh at once.
brush: clay (zbrush) wax (mudbox) this is a really important brush because even if you are working on lower res geo it helps fill gaps. So if I’m doing a jaw open blendshape I can fill the gap under the jaw easily. Or if I’m doing an bent arm pose I can fill in the crease of the elbow easily.
brush: relax like mudbox/maya basically smooths the mesh and snaps the result to the surface before smoothing

those are some tools I’m missing


Thanks for the tip. I think it’s a clever way to have an on-screen reference of the axis-to-color correlation. But Silo needs to address this in a more effective and usable way. This shouldn’t have to be something the user would need to do. Other 3D apps I use have this (Max, Maya, Blender, even MOI) with the exception of Silo.


Awesome to see Silo back in development again! Love this program!
One change I’d like to see in the Material Editor is variable opacity. Currently I’ve been able to add opacity by editing the .mtl file prior to converting to FBX in another program that doesn’t strip the opacity value out again. But if Silo natively supported RGBA alpha opacity in materials, that would be awesome!


Some things would love to see implemented into Silo; please forgive if some are previously requested

  • When toggling symmetry it gives an indication of on/off
  • Ability to arrange items in the scene editor (maybe by group trees etc.): gets crowded quickly in mech type modeling and often things that should all be in one “group” are spread all over the editor
  • When selecting multiple items in the scene editor shade/visibility/lock are one click. Seems currently you have to click for each item
  • Show and hide commands are linked to the visibility icon in scene editor

All aside: “Awesome to see Silo back in development again! Love this program!” +1

Thanks NC


All the development Silo is having is exciting and so are the new features. But if the customization of the interface and the annoying Steam problem are not fixed, people like me won’t update because it is very hard to work with those flaws. Please fix them.


There seems to be a problem with the create menu not wanting to go away if you bring it up and then decided not to use it. Clicking the viewport doesn’t close it until I mouse over the model and sometimes the menu will pop-up next to the model.


while using Silo 2.5.1 yesterday, I noticed that the “select thru” doesn’t work anymore. (by select thru, I mean using the 3rd selection option in conjunction with the middle mouse button to select points, edges or surfaces all the way through the selected area. )

update: OK, it does still work, but not the same way it used to work. Previously, after circling what I wanted to select, as soon as I unclicked the MMB, the elements were selected. Now I have press ENTER to complete the selection.


regarding the FBX export option:
I currently create FBX models for use in 2 specific environments: MUVIZU (an animation program based on the Unreal3 engine) and Outerra (a google earth type global environment creation engine which will eventually become a game engine)

Sorry to say that the new FBX export files from Silo don’t open in either of these environments. If I use the Autodesk FBX converter utility to make an FBX out of the same Silo created OBJ, the file opens in both environments. This might be because the Autodesk utility creates FBX files in the format from 2013. Or not. But it would be awesome to keep my workflow 100% inside Silo without having to depend on external utilities. Maybe an option to export in more than one FBX version?