Silo 2.5.3 Live texture update


So I found out that Silo has live texture update function or at least should have, since I can’t get it to work. Below is blog post from 2.5.3 update.

  1. Live texture updating
    With any image format (including .psd), Silo will now watch your texture files for changes and update automatically, which should again speed up the workflow significantly for creating and modifying textures.

The problem is whenever i save the texture no matter what format it is - .png or .psd it won’t auto update the texture, I have to load the texture by chosing the file again and then it loads. Anyone has had similar issue and fixed it by any chance? Thank you in advance :slight_smile:


Just tried it in 2.5.6 windows 10 and it works both for PSD and PNG.


It doesn’t for me.
Here’s a video showing the issue:


Weird, someone at nevercenter should look at this. Meanwhile instead of reloading the texture, just select the texture path in the material editor and hit enter… not a solution, but it saves a couple of seconds.


I don’t think that they even watch these forums, neither comments on their twitter posts.