Silly question about script


In a folder scripts are____ Fish_Whale_Motion._Fish_Dynamics.__Fish2_Motion.msa
As them to start? They can be started separately or they work only in projects __Whale_rig.__clown_rig.mpj ?

As with other scripts. I download at a forum a little scripts. When I throw in in a folder scripts- them anywhere was not present, because for them there is no icon in F5 tab? As starting the added script?
Thanks for patience.


You can use the scripts seperately. The fish motion scripts aren’t the best examples because they probably need the hireachy to be pretty similar to be useful. Those scripts you would use as an expression in the command tab, so you have to look at how that is done in the example scenes with the fish motion.

When you download other scripts, you can put them in the scripts folder, and then you have to hit F7 or right click the command tab and choose ‘recompile all scripts’.
Only scripts that are programmed to do so will show up in the F5 menu.


Thanks, Ulven!

In examples projects __Whale_rig.__clown_rig.mpj __ I was interested with work of a tail.
I wished to take advantage of experience of an this example.
In expression tab :
Fish_Whale_Motion.spine_bend( WL_spine_bend, WL_Spine1, WL_Spine2, WL_Spine3, WL_Spine4, WL_Spine5, WL_Spine6, WL_Spine7, WL_Spine8 )

Fish_Whale_Motion.spine_bend- It not a command of expression and I cannot repeat dynamics of a tail.
As it is possible to start expression Fish_Whale_Motion.msa for the “my” tail?


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