Siddharth Rakshit (Shoyong) - 3d Character modeller/texturing artist - Intro


Hi guys.
I’m based in India and I’ve been working in the gaming industry as a 3d modeler/texturing artist for the last 3 years… (2 as prop and 1 as character)
i have a diploma in fine-arts (Charcoal and Sketching) and I was very largely influenced by the blizzard cinematics that i saw as a kid back in 2002. I hope to work on that kind of scale at a later point of my life :slight_smile:

I have set a personal target to dishout atleast 2 artworks in my freetime each year. Im looking forward to making new friends and connections who can help me grow as an artist here by giving me their valuable feedbacks and suggestions…

Here is my CGS portfolio:
Artstation link :

My latest work is my first submission here in this site.
Any and all critiques are most welcome.
Thanks for checking!


Hey Siddharth,
Nice to have you here on CGSociety. Wow, i’m impressed by your work, you really have a good attention to detail on that head you posted, really like the flushed red skin on her face. Super nice render too. Excited to see what you do next :slight_smile:


Thanks a bunch ! workin on something already :slight_smile: