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Hello o/

Matt Rouleau from The Embassy, kindly reported me an issue with the last XSI MR Releases : The Options I added to have Gain / Gamma Controls are problematic because I was using the Color_Correction Node which is producing incorrectness in the Output.

I don’t really know what’s happening but basically the values are not clamped but it’s like there is a Color Space change that should not occur.

I updated the Template with a Home Made Gamma Shading Branch that should correct that wrong behavior.

Let me know if there are any problems, I’m really flooded lately and can’t really test deeply the stuff I’m deploying ( hence that Color_Correct issue, with more tests I should have spotted it :frowning: )

Every sIBL_GUI User should consider updating their Template to the 1.5.5 Release.

Have Fun o/



Hello o/

sIBL_GUI_XSI_Server has been compiled for Softimage XSI 2010 :

Here is the build :

Sorry for the delay, I’m totally flooded at work :slight_smile:

Enjoy !



Hello :slight_smile:

sIBL_GUI 2.1.1 Is Out !

  • sIBL_GUI_FTP is now starting Download automatically when invoked, “Start Download” Button has been removed.
  • sIBL_GUI now restores the last visited folder.
  • Render Combo Box added in the Import Tab ( Usefull when you have multiple Templates for a Renderer ).

Btw I got a merging issue with my VCS software, if you see weird stuff with Templates ( they should be fixed but it’s a lot of lines ) don’t hesitate to report it !

Have Fun !



Hello o/

There is a problem in XSI_MR.sIBLT 1.5.6 Template Header ( Branch Merging Issues of the last sIBL_GUI 2.1.1 Release ). The 1.5.7 Version fix that !



Hello :slight_smile:

Here is the XSI Server Addon for XSI 2010 SP 1 :



Any plans for a linux version? I can help out :slight_smile:




I have recompiled sIBL_GUI_XSI_Server for XSI 2011 :

Notice that sIBL_GUI 3 is on it’s way for a final release ( Currently in alpha ).

The developpement thread is here :

I should have a beta this week, meaning all major bugs should have been tracked down.

Have Fun !



Kel ,

Many thanks for the update.

I have only recently installed Softimage 2011 and the server installs with no problems. However, I cannot get the main addon to load. I use workgroups and when transferring to 2011 I tried and failed to install sIBL.

After installing the server I tried again and still cannot get the addon to install. Each time I try Softimage hangs for a few mins and then crashed (shuts down). If I try to restart it, I get the splash screen then it shuts down again without fully starting up.

The only way I can start 2011 is to go into my workgroup folder and delete the sIBL folder and addon file.

Any thoughts as to why this is happening?

Using 2011 (32-bit) on XP sp3.



Hello Alan,

Mmmmh no I have no clue for now, I didn’t checked if the addon was working since I’m on a new version but I’ll check that now.




I can load the Workgroup without any problems on XSI 2011 - 32bit under Windows XP so I’ll repackage an .xsiaddon and also do an archive of the Workgroup just in case but I have an issue with the Template itself, they changed the way the Environment node transformation matrix is exposed, and I don’t manage to connect the Feedback onto it now …

Edit : Well, from what I see it’s more complicated, I will need to do modify the Template deeply ( basically make a new one ).



yap, crashes xsi 2011 here as well.
looking forward for the fix.
love the toolset.



There is something that makes XSI crash in the Addon ( I can load the Workgroup one time in fact, after that XSI keeps crashing on startup ). I didn’t had time to check what the issue is, anyway in the next releases sIBL_GUI will not be included anymore directly into the Addon, the fact sIBL_GUI is a program on his own, with it’s dlls and dependencies is not a thing XSI really like when he walks into the Addon directory ( There are errors with the dlls that he tries to load etc ). It was working up to now.
When sIBL_GUI 3 will reach the final release, a new addon will make the setup easier and cleaner.

Anyway here is an emergency release of sIBL_GUI 2.1.1 For XSI :


  • I updated the Template so it can load properly and accordingly with XSI 2011 Api changes.
  • You will need to edit this line in the sIBL_GUI_For_XSI.js Plugin file of the addon :


and put the path to the sIBL_GUI installation directory ( Don’t forget the double backslashes ).

After that you should have sIBL_GUI working as usual ( I hope ).

If you have a Standalone of sIBL_GUI, here is the Template alone :

Sorry for the inconvenience !




I fixed some issues with the Emergency Addon :

  • Paths with whitespaces werent working.
  • Stripped a definition making some parts of the code failing.

The addon is available at the same place :

I’m also working at the next Addon, I should have something working really soon.



Ladies en Gentlemen,

After a few months of work, I’m happy to announce that sIBL_GUI 3 is finally available and out of the cooker !

Here is the release thread on CGTalk :

[left]sIBL_GUI - Sets Centric Layout[/left]

Notice that there is currently no Linux build for now ( I failed freezing the application ), though it’s fairaly easy to grab the source code from github : and launch directly the python module from there.

The application has been fully rewritten, and features some cool things :

  • Component Framework : The Software is now component based, meaning you can extend the functionalities of sIBL_GUI easily and tweak or modify directly the provided components.

  • Customizable Ui Layout : Most of the Ui Components are movable, closable and resizable, meaning that you can put them wherever you want in the interface and store / restore the layouts.

  • Sqlite Database : Sets, Templates and Collections informations are stored in a database, it’s now easier to organise your Collections the way you want without having to move your files around everywhere on the hard drive. You can add Sets one by one if you want.

  • Google Map based Gps Map : The Gps Map is now Google Map based, no need for an explanation, it’s much better :slight_smile:

  • Search Database : The search engine offers new possibilities, you can now search in a range of time, to get all Sunset Ibls for example.

etc… :slight_smile:

The sad news for XSI Users is that I’m not providing sIBL_GUI anymore directly into the addon, it was a tedious work to release like this and it was making XSI kind of unstable ( certainly because there was some dlls embedded ).

And the download links :

sIBL_GUI 3 :
[li] *Windows
[/li][li] *Linux
[/li][li] *Mac Os X

Have Fun Rendering !


Great news, thank you :slight_smile:


This looks wonderful! I just discovered it today, and I’m reading the website and all the explanations. Fantastic idea and tool. Thank you and congratulations. Tools like this and your website can make teaching 3D lighting far easier.


Thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks, and yeah the purpose is really to help getting a quick lighting solution, so you can do many tests without the hassle to replug / reconfigure everything each time :slight_smile:

I just released sIBL_GUI 3.0.6 !

I fixed most of the issues people were encountering with sIBL_GUI 3.0.5 initial release.

The features highlights of this version are :

[li] FreeImage C/C++ imaging library bind : sIBL_GUI now support a lot more image formats.
[/li][li] Threaded Ibl Sets / Templates continous scanners.
[/li][li] sIBL_GUI layout is now stored and restored on application start and exit.

I also spotted a strange behavior on Windows 7 :
I don’t really know what I did, but the other day I installed Softimage 2011 - x64, Visual C# 2010, tweaked a few security settings on my Windows 7 ( Uac, etc ) and since then, if I don’t launch sIBL_GUI as Administrator, the application is really slow to startup.
I tried to figure out what was the change, but didn’t really managed.



I just wanted to say that you’re awesome. Thank you :slight_smile:


Hey :slight_smile:

sIBL_GUI 3.0.7 is out with some enhancements and bug fixes :slight_smile:

Some interesting features of this release are new command line parameters.
I also modified the way I was accessing to the db with multiple threads, it should bring more stability.

Here is the complete change log :

sIBL_GUI - 3.0.7 :

[li] Standard Output and Standard Errors messages are redirected to the Logging Window.
[/li][li] sIBL_GUI creates one session per thread for SQLite database access thus increasing application stability.
[/li][li] Thumbnails size preference is restored on application start.
[/li][li] Each component has its own section in the preferences file, resulting in a better and stronger file structure. ( You will will need to reconfigure components preferences ).
[/li][li] Session geometry is always restored on application start ignoring the state of the “Restore Geometry On Layout Change” preferences option.
[/li][li] Fixed “setsScanner” component regular expressions, it can now process paths with non alphanumerical characters ( “C:/Program Files (x86)/” ).
[/li][li] Fixed walkers arguments regular expressions so that they search for correct files extensions.
[/li][li] Added “-o / --loaderScriptsOutputDirectory” command line parameter allowing user to specify loader scripts output directory.
[/li][li] Added “-r / --databaseReadOnly” command line parameter that disable database edition methods.
[/li][li] Added “-d / --databaseDirectory” command line parameter allowing user to specify the database directory.
[/li][li] Added “-u / --userApplicationDatasDirectory” command line parameter allowing user to specify application datas directory ( Preferences directory ).

I started a FAQ that I’ll finish a bit later this weekend so that it features last remaining important informations here :



Hi o/

sIBL_GUI 3.0.8 is out !

The application should not crash anymore when loading corrupted Ibl Sets or Templates.

sIBL_GUI is now natively built on Windows 7, it should fix the slowdown issues on startup.

I implemented dragNdrop in the three major database components, meaning that you can directly drag Folders, Templates and Ibls Sets into the application. :bounce:

Here is the full Change Log :

sIBL_GUI - 3.0.8 :

[li] sIBL_GUI For Windows now is natively built on Windows 7, this should fix the slow startup issues reported on Windows Vista / 7.
[/li][li] Implemented dragNdrop in various components ( Network paths are currently not supported on Windows Vista / 7 ) :
[li] Database Browser Component : You can dragNdrop Ibl Sets folders or Ibl Sets files directly from the Os.
[/li][li] Collections Outliner Component : You can also dragNdrop folders or Ibl Sets files directly from the Os.
[/li][li] Templates Outliner Component : You can dragNdrop Templates folders or Templates files directly from the Os.
[li] Made the code stronger when sIBL_GUI deals with corrupted Ibl / Templates Files.
[/li][li] Refactored portions of the exceptions handling code.

Have Fun o/