sIBL_GUI For Softimage


can someone give a brief explanation of exactly what this is?

The author has just said, “hello world, here it is”, and I have a general idea, but what does it do exactly? Curious.

#22 is where you can get the most informations about what it does :slight_smile:

basically It’s a one click Image Based Lighting solution. You select a sIBL Set that you have downloaded at HDRLabs or some other places that support / will support the format. You click on one button and it will setup the Lighting in the scene using the sIBL Set.

Otherwise 2.0.1 is out with a nasty Windows bug corrected that was preventing the download of Templates / Help Files.

Enjoy !



Thanks for the help.


It is an integrated solution to HDR’s. In short the Sibl file is prepared for a specific HDR and will build automatically the sun light(or other) in correct position for the scene. You don’t have to find where is the sun in HDR and put a light there. And better reflections in the scene are made from a low resolution image not by the High quality HDR that usually increases several fold the render times.


Just wanna add how great this tool is. One click solution to get hdr lighting is a brilliant idea.

I love now just placing random meshes and doing random lighting checks with this tool.

Even a sphere looks awesome now. :stuck_out_tongue:

Providing this free as well is fantastic!



Hi o/

Thx for the feedback Vauric :slight_smile:

Some people were having issues with the Addon and the GPS Map not being properlly copied, I repackaged everything and the GPS Map is now a JPG. Standalone users didn’t had this problem.



sIBL_GUI 2.0.5 is out !

What’s new in this release :

  • A bug that was preventing Custom Browser / Text Editor usage has been corrected.
  • The FTP Code has been refactored.
  • It’s now possible to choose which Templates you want to download.
  • Some other things, check the full Change Log for more informations.

The Manual / Help Files bug still not resolved since I don’t currently have a network to test it.

Have Fun !




sIBL_GUI 2.0.6 is released to correct the new “Browsing” bug I introduced in the 2.0.5.




sIBL_GUI 2.0.7 Is Out !

It’s mainly a Maintenance Release, some Qt behavior where the Manual / Help Files weren’t properly loaded from a Windows Server Path has been worked around.
There is also a better verbose when the Remote Connection failed ( Error Type is outputted ).




sIBL_GUI 2.0.8 Is Released !

I discovered a Bug where more Templates were Downloaded than those chosen, so I corrected it with some other Code Cleanup.

Enjoy :slight_smile:



Hello :slight_smile:

XSI_MR Template has been updated. Here are the Highlights :

  • Shadow Catching Ground.
  • Smart IBL Controls.
  • Display Layers.

[left]Shadow Catching Ground[/left]

[left]Smart IBL Controls[/left]

The Template is available from the Online Updater :slight_smile:

Enjoy !



Hi Kel,

That looks great. I’ve updated the new template, and when I run ‘execute load script’ , it gives me this error message in the script editor.

Any idea? Thanks. (Im on xsi 7.01 vista x64, sIBL worked fine before)

’ ERROR : 2000 - File not found - C:\Users\ADMINI~1\AppData\Local\Temp\XSI_Temp_4740\sIBL_XSI_Import.js
’ ERROR : Path not found - [line 262 in C:\Users\Administrator\Softimage\XSI_7.01\Addons\sIBL_GUI_For_XSI\Application\Plugins\sIBL_GUI_For_XSI.js]
’ ERROR : Property Page Script Logic Error (Microsoft JScript runtime error)
’ ERROR : [260] {
’ ERROR : [261] cTemporaryVariablePath = XSIUtils.Environment.Item(“TEMP”);
’ ERROR : >[262] Application.ExecuteScript(cTemporaryVariablePath + “\” + “sIBL_XSI_Import.js”, “JScript”);
’ ERROR : [263] }
’ ERROR : [264] else
’ ERROR : [265] {
’ ERROR : Path not found


Hi Vauric,

I think that is happening because you are using the Standalone and it outputs the Loader Script in the Windows “TEMP” environment variable :

Something like :


But XSI is looking for something like this because he is using it’s own “TEMP” folder :


If that’s the problem there are currently two solutions :

  • Use sIBL_GUI XSI Addon, so sIBL_GUI is started from XSI and can use the same “TEMP” variable.
  • Use the “Send To Software” and the XSI_Server_Addon.

I’ll refactor the way the Loader Script Output is handled in the next Major release ( 2.5 or 3.0 ) so that problem should disappear.
Let me know if that works for you !


Edit : Scratch what I wrote, there is still that problem but your issue is different, I did a search and replace in the code when refactoring the Template yesterday, and changed by error the name of the output script :

OutputScript = @OutputScript | sIBL_XSI_Import.js | String | Output Script


OutputScript = @OutputScript | sIBL_XSI_MR_Import.js | String | Output Script

You can correct it back if you want but I’ll rerelease now :slight_smile: Thanks for your Feedback !



I’ve updated the template now. It works fine. I love the extra controls you’ve added. Great help for compositing. (ground catcher, easily turn off background).

Keep up the good work.



Glad its fixed now :slight_smile:




ok a bit late to the party, but better late than never.

just saw this over the weekend…

Thomas… Absolutely Stunning Work. Thank you.



Thanks, don’t hesitate if you have any ideas, or features request :slight_smile:


Hello XSI Users !

sIBL_GUI 2.1.0 is released !

I added a feature that I find really practical : a ReWire Widget :

Basically, it lets you ReWire / Remap the different Components to either another Component or whatever Image you want. It’s something easy but really powerfull because with this feature you can nearlly dynamically generate your IBL Sets by taking whatever Image you want.

You can for example keep the Background of your current Set, Change it’s lighting with the Lighting of another IBL Set and finally use a custom image for the Reflections.

And finally with this you can just use sIBL_GUI to load whatever HDR you want and have a fast and easy setup.

Following that ReWire Widget I created 3 Blank Skeletton Sets I called ReWires. They contain nothing and are empty but they are terribly usefull for the last point I suggested because you can create a simple HDRI Setup in a matter of seconds using one of the provided Skelettons Rewire Sets.

The ReWire Sets are available here for download :

Happy Rendering !



finally got around to playing with this today, and I gotta say- great work man! saves me loads of time manually setting up HDR’s and whatnot. The best part is that I can keep all of my HDR’s in an easy to use library that I can pull from at any time, and load with just a few clicks.


Hi Eldee :slight_smile:

Glad you like it ! I have planned a bit of refactoring, but I’m a bit flooded by work lately, so it will wait a bit :slight_smile: