sIBL_GUI For Softimage


sIBL_GUI For Softimage

Welcome to Smart IBL - sIBL_GUI For Softimage Thread!

The idea behind Smart IBL and sIBL_GUI is to get one click IBL Lighting.

More informations and details are available here:

If you have requests, questions or whatever, you can use this thread or the HDRLabs one:

[left]sIBL_GUI - Inspect Centric Layout[/left]

Here is the Softimage Templates Centric Thread Post:

Autodesk Softimage - Helper Script Addon

There is an Addon Helper Script that helps integrating sIBL_GUI smoothly with Softimage:

sIBL_GUI_For_XSI - Helper Script Addon: sIBL_GUI_For_XSI

Autodesk Softimage - TCPServer for Softimage Addon

There is an Addon Server that enable sIBL_GUI to communicate with Softimage.

TCPServer_For_Softimage Addon: TCPServer_For_Softimage


Two screencasts are hosted on HDRLabs Vimeo Channel:

sIBL GUI - In Depth: Wich is an In-Depth review of the application.

sIBL GUI - Quick Start: A Quick Start screencast showing a typical quick session under Maya.

Manual - Help File:

sIBL_GUI Manual

Api File:


Changes File:

Changes File


[li] Windows
[/li][li] Linux
[/li][li] Mac Os X

[li] Windows
[/li][li] Linux
[/li][li] Mac Os X

[li] Windows
[/li][li] Linux
[/li][li] Mac Os X


sIBL_GUI Source Code is available directly from a GIT repository: sIBL_GUI GIT Repository On GITHub.

Don’t hesitate to post feedback, features request etc :smiley:

Have fun And enjoy :slight_smile:



This looks very promising. Thank you for posting.


Yes thanks for this! Looks pretty slick!


Insane at first look, but does not seem to work with x64 - the GUI just can’t find any sIBL files, LW users seem to have the same issues according to your forums :frowning:


That is really cool. I’ve been bugging the forum to get the development running again :thumbsup:.

Cheers for the hard work, I’ll definitely will test it in the coming week.



hey, it works nice.
I have a few suggestions though, if you don’t mind I’m gonna send you in a private message.


Glad you liked it :slight_smile:

Dunno if you downloaded the release though, the previous one had a collection filtering bug that should be fixed ^^


mmmhh, strange I’ll check that at work on a 64bit windows, I don’t have one so I can’t be sure it’s ok. By the way I don’t really see what’s the thing with LW since the software is aimed for XSI ? :surprised It’s a beta though I should put it in the title, but it’s 0.9 so I don’t expect it to work perfectly before some weeks. Don’t hesitate to provide me feedback!


Edit : Arbalest : I tried really fast on windows xp 64 bit and had no problems to get my collection shown. Can you try with the last version (I’m updating nearlly everydays) and if the software doesn’t work, go into the preferences, activate the debug verbose level, restart sIBL_GUI, open the log window (in the preferences) and try to see if you spot some errors. Don’t hesitate to send me the log if you don’t see anything suspicious.


I had some users reporting the program wasn’t launching correctly on Windows Vista, I slighlty modified the way I’m launching sIBL_GUI from XSI. Hope it’s working better, I’ll only put hands on a vista copie tomorrow :shrug:

Btw this weekend I’ll upgrade the XSI template to a more object oriented/faster code and I’ll try to integrate the new linear workflow of XSI 7.


Ok i found the Problem - I can only use the default templates folder.
When I copy my templates to that folder everything works fine - if I specify a custom destination I get the following error for every single file:

Exception In sIBL_IO.getNodes() Method | Provided File seem to not be a correct .ibl / Template / Settings file !

However if I copy those files to the default folder they work.


Mmmmh really strange, I’ll double check that tonight, but you should even be able to start the interface without any templates folder or preferences files. Thanks for your feedback !


Hi o/

I have updated sIBL_GUI and the XSI Addon, here is the change log :

sIBL_GUI For XSI - 0.9.4 :
sIBL_GUI can now directly connect to XSI with sIBL_GUI_XSI_Server Addon ! (Was A Real Pain To Do !)
Improved Template With :

  • Progress Bar.
  • Large Part Of The Code In Object Model ( Faster Execution ).
  • Physical Sun Shader.
  • Use Of XSI New Color Management ( Don’t Forget To Manually Remove Tonemapping Nodes From Your Cameras ).
    Remote Connection Code, Interface Polishing, BugFix And Improvements on sIBL_GUI.

Note that you need to download the sIBL_GUI_XSI_Server Addon if you want to use the remote connection feature.



A new release of sIBL_GUI is available, here is the change log :

BugFix And Improvements On sIBL_GUI.
Code Optimisation.
Added Possibility To Choose Wich Passes You Want To Connect The sIBL File To ( Check The “Pass Selection Dialog” Button In The Template Attributes ).
Disabled The Possibility To Turn The Feedback On The 3 Axes (I Don’t Manage To Make The Environment Shader Match The Feedback With 3 Rotations Axes), You Can However Still Rotate It On Y To Orient It

I also uploaded a screen cast showing the usage of the stuff :

sIBL_GUI For XSI Screencast (55,4 Mo)

Happy Lighting ! o/


Hi o/

I just realeased a new version of sIBL_GUI :

sIBL_GUI For XSI - 0.9.6 :
Thanks To keksonja For Busting The Bugs ! :]
BugFix And Improvements On sIBL_GUI.
Corrected A Possible Crash When Disabling Feedback Creation.
Restored Background/Eye Texture Behavior Broken By Last Template Release.
Background Texture Is Now Visible In Viewport Even If You Don’t Choose Create Background.


0.9.9 just cooked out :slight_smile:

Here is the change log :

  • Added Update Scene option to the Template (Update Scene and Override User Tweaks Buttons). This basically enable you to update some part of the sIBL Setup and for example, use the background of one sIBL_Set, the reflection or the Sun of another one. There are a lot of combinations possible. The code is not entirely finished and don’t fully apply on Sun for example.
  • Refactored some procedures.
  • BugFix and improvements on sIBL_GUI.

sIBL_GUI is approaching the final 1.0 release and is now running on Mac Os X and Linux.
I would like to add that Christian uploaded a lot new sIBL Sets and put them on a really nice eye candy page :


Steady development Kel Solaar! 5-stars.


I asked Kel Solar for lower versions compatibility and if it’s ok to compile the sIBL_GUI. Is somebody out there who is able to do this??? Sorry for disturbing this thread with this…
This is what he said:

The code source of sIBL_GUI is available as the software is open source but it’s not with him that the XSI 6.0 and 6.5 must be dealt, because he is blind and software independant, it’s the template used for XSI 7.0 that need to be modified and adapted for XSI 6.5 / 6.02.

There is a browsable archive here with all the XSI Templates versions:

If you have some friends that can update one of the versions for XSI 6.5/6.02 don’t hesitate to ask him (It would be a real time gain for me) and I will include it in the archive, etc



Oh I made a mistake: It’s the current XSI template that needs to be tweaked to work under XSI 6.02/6.5!


Hello o/

sIBL_GUI - 2.0.0 Is Out !

There was a lot of Code Refactoring and New Features Introduced in sIBL_GUI - 2.0.0, here is a Quick Summary :

  • Improved XSI Template to deal with Dynamic Lights
  • sIBL V2 File Format Support ( Dynamic Lights, and New Parameters ).
  • Refined UI.
  • Splashscreen.
  • GPS Map With Zoom / Pan.
  • Multiple Manuals.
  • Online Update With Templates / sIBL_GUI Version Checking.
  • Multiple Manuals
  • And A Truck Load Of Code Refactoring Under The Hood ( New Logger, New Functions / Method Call Tracer, Refined Parser, FTP Code, New Settings, So Many Other Changes That I Can’t Remember ).

Check the Full Change Log for more Informations : Complete Change Log

Christian will update the SmartIBL Archive in a few hours with V2 IBLs. Check them out at HDRLabs.

Enjoy !



Many thanks Kel Solaar. I think most people don’t know how this tool is usefull in Softimage.