Shutdown computer after render...let him sleep!


here is a simple tip hope it will help you…
first of all, excuse me because i will only work on windows…:shrug: i don’t know how to use mac…
so, i’ll begin,
to do this tip, you MUST RENDER TO DISK and SAVE YOUR WORK :eek:
go to Begin, Then go to RUN and tape this,
Edit miaw.bat (miaw or what you want, never write SHUTDOWN you’ll see later)
and in notepad write this
shutdown -s -t 01
and the 01 make it as you want, 01 means that windows will shutdown after 01 second after render…
and now, save it…
go to cinema 4d, go to render setting, you MUST render to disk
go to POST EFFECT and choose REMOTE
then, go and choose you file ‘miaw.bat’
render to screen! boom!
when the render finish, the computer will shutdown!
if you don’t save your work, the computer will take a moment, it will stay Cinema 4d to close! cinema 4d will ask you to save your work! if there’s no action, windows will force cinema 4d to close! so NEVER forget to save you work!:twisted:
this is the tip!
Ah, if you name your batch file (*.bat) “shutdown.bat” the console will run commandes for unlimited times! so be careful! DONT NAME IT SHUTDOWN.BAT!
thank you, and hope it will help you to give some holydays to your processor after a long render!

Shutdown computer after render automatically?

Nice tip, I’m sure your PC appreciates your thoughfulness :smiley: There could be some nice use of this on a Mac too, certainly possible to see some uses for Automator in here - say, after each frame open the image in Photoshop, quarter res the file and upload to ftp, so you can check remotely how a render is proceeding, or add the frame to a quicktime movie so the preview is built automatically.

Edit - Ah - just noticed that I don’t have ‘remote’ for post action - is this even available on Macs?


Yeah Remote is on a MAC Chris, well it is here anyway. It’s about halfway down the list


What the… ack, I’m blind.


I’ll let you know how I get on.


Well, it kinda worked with Automator, maybe someone else can take this a little further. The idea was to crop the pic to a 100x100 square, save it as a jpeg and upload to a server for remote access - useful on long weekend renders when you want to check how a specific file is progressing, say.

The problem was that the script took a few seconds to run, and in that time Cinema had rendered more frames, so it only uploaded every third frame. Still pretty useful but not ideal.

Thanks for the initial post though - lots of potential here!

Cheers - Chris


DAMN–only took HOW many years for us mac folks to figure this trick out?

(and thanks abdelouahabb for initialting the thread and the idea)


Whoah, I’m gonna use this. Next I need one that’ll send me sample images to my cellphone.


thank you masters :love:
Chris, just make the remote effect and make the executable of your post editing soft in the path, when the render will end, your work will be open directly in your soft :smiley:
and thank you for the great tip :thumbsup:


veeeeeeeeery useful, i can finally sleep, thank you thank you thank you.


Thanks abdou,
That’s really a nice trick for PC users.
I am gonna use it a lot of time, cause I usually render at nights.


Sorry I not sure I fully understood.
Basically you write a little .bat file and cinema will execute it.
In what directory do you save the .bat file.



ho! master thirdeye thanks me! :eek:
thanks brother redha :smiley:
therealpepe1 : put the file where do you want! the file is executed by windows just after the render finished because the remote effect has called him :thumbsup:
govinda i think that it’s possible to send the file by MMS or EMAIL or simply make an SMS ALERT when the render finishs, unfortunatly i’m ZERO in HTML codes and so different languages, because i think it’s possible to make an automatic program which calls a site where you can send sms from this one or a program which send sms from computer to cellphones ?!!! because the remote will call programs?!


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