Shrinkwrap modifier with maxscript


Hello all,

I’m looking to recreate something similar to the shrinkwrap deformer in Maya, to help me fix mesh intersections with optamized meshes.

I’m working in a company that’s making a real time anatomy app. When we build the muscles and add the connective tissue that surrounds them, we have to reduce the poly count for our real time engine, this gives us penetrations that have to be fixed by hand.

I’m trying to figure out if there is some way I can use Maxscript to detect mesh intersections and move the verts along the normals of one object to fix them.

Something like what happens at around 0:22 in the video here:

I know this is a big ask, I haven’t done much work in maxscript, I’m just looking for some advice on where to look for more information.

Thanks in advance.