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We want to see what you are up to from your first scans to professional stuff you are proud of.


Beach Puddle Scene I first scouted a physical location at Zuma beach in California and shot a series of photos from various angles using my Canon 5DMKII. I shot the photo array during mid day sun (not ideal lighting conditions) using a 28mm f2.8 lens with my ISO set to 400. After completing the photo capture process, I ingested the raw .CR2 files on to a hard drive and imported them into 3DFZephyr. Using roughly 50 photos, I generated a point-cloud from the assembled photos, which I then used to process a geometric mesh and later a textured mesh. I cleaned the mesh in 3DFZephyr and filled any small holes. I then exported the mesh and corresponding texture set at 16k resolution. I imported the .FBX in to ZBrush, decimated and remeshed it. I then imported the newly remeshed .FBX in to Maya. The wooden planks were modeled in Maya and ZBrush and textured in Substance. The scene was lit and rendered in Arnold 5 for Maya.


Hard to get sand in zuma without foot prints or tar in it these days!