Show off your favorite piece of lighting


hi guys
this is first time me in this forum,first of all i would like to thanx all u people who is helping each other in different way to learn the things n when i m going throug this forum i realy come to know it will going to help me lot

i have some images which is created with 3dsmax 8 & rendered with VRAY i would like to hear ur comments n suggestion over it to improve my skill

i have some problem while rendring it it take first long time to render n have some noisy effects

but u see n let me know ur comments


ignore this message.ive edited it.this mesage is not meant to be here.:shrug:


Rendered in vray using 3ds.basically a lighting play around with meshes i already had from other projects.basic textures :smiley:


This are one of my last renders where i put a lot attention to the lighting.


I’m a huge fan of that Self-illumination piece, kutsche. The lighting is awesome, as in all your works…If you were willing to share any tips, I’m sure there would be many people here willing to listen :wink:

A little GI test I made…I wish the ground plane would look a little more…substantive…I’ll keep playing around with it, but If anyone has any suggestions or tips I’d love to hear them:


well i just started lighting a bout a a 2 weeks ago so hope you like


Hello all

This first one is very old…but near and dear to my heart. It was built in Bryce 4 about 7 years ago now…

All models except the fruit are boolean I built…I built all the materials in Bryce myself…but of course there are problems with the rays the fog came out wrong. The faked caustics caused artifacts on the glass…I remember this broke my very old computer doing this…I added the border in psp.

this next one was done a few nights ago…I’m building a few fake jade (resin) materials in Poser 7. The model is prefab but that’s just to showcase the shader. This is back lit only with an hdr file that I made from a photo I shot in Vegas at Ceasar’s Palace. A regular poser light does not have the same effect. The material is a little cloud heavy…and no there is no prefab in is shader…I’ve built it all using the nodes available in poser.
I building this to use in Vue 6 because as I’m learning how to create materials in Vue I like to compare them to what I know…it’s a weird way of learning but it works for me:


hi…gr8 work so far…
this is one of mine. this image is from my newest project called ‘Time never stop’
suggetions plz…



hi…gr8 work so far…
this is one of mine. this image is from my newest project called ‘Time never stop’
suggetions plz…


Here is a new one. It is my fav cause I used only one light to create it.
Rendered in LW using FPrime 2.1, no plugins, HDRI, or texture maps used.


Tirjasdyn, I enjoyed seeing the old bryce art you displayed. Bryce 5 was the first 3D software I ever used and I’ve got some old pictures of my own that may not be very prety, but hold sentimental value because they were my first attempts at 3d…

I also noticed teh caustics are on the wrong side of the glass. :slight_smile:

Yay bryce!


Hi folks, some of my stuff, done for a last year or two))
Brazil r/s, no GI ( fake gi)

Same tech, but less amount lights sources, but a lot of photoshop work:

Brazil toon:





Just thought of a Virus and did this


I go into my plugin manager to look for the “Renderpasses” option to load it, and it’s not there. My Maya doesn’t have it. I think it got destroyed during the downloading process when I installed it. Is there anyplace I can go to get it back? Also where can I go to learn how to use the renderingpasses attribute? I know very little and I want to know alot.


Wrong place to post this dood… anywho I know we already figgered it out for ya… :thumbsup:


Ok this is for anyone who loves Mental Ray and VRay. I want to render my scene with a higher resolution so that I can start printing them out at about 300 dpi. or something around 150 dpi. Where do I go to change the resolution settings in VRay options and the Mental Ray Options (I use both Renders sometimes) Im doing this stuff in Max. Mental Ray for Maya I know how to change it’s resolution settings but max…I have not a clue. HELP ME PLEASE! lol thanks


some of the works i did. Comments on light and render are welcome!



i did this scne about a month ago, in the middle of the night,
there’s just one light, i love the way it looked.
i am proud of this cause it was my wallpaper for a few days and two of my friends
thought it was a real image.there’s not 3d artist thou, there musicians, but it meant a lot to me.


Lookin good there Daggie…!

I did this recently for my church. Original logo at Nothin super fancy, but it came out pretty dern good in my opinion.


sexy lighting on the logo phix314.
i like it.