Should I join Think Tank online program?


hello guys…pls help me decide what should I do…first sorry for my poor English…I’m really eager to join the Think Tank online program…when I first saw it…it is really amazing and the program becomes better and better. I’m not worried about the skills and contents they will teach. The problem is the price it is almost 11k USD and it’s really much for me…but I can afford the fees by selling my car…it’s not that problem for me…in their website, they show the studios that directly hire from Think Tank…and ya they said that depends on the demo reel of the final thesis project…I would like to join the “characters & creatures for the film” program. on the other hand, I have content of that same program from one seller…he sells the content at a much cheaper price but which is from the 2018 program…but that doesn’t matter…but I know the difference the content I got includes all the terms and tuto but …not include mentorship program…and if I attend official, I will have a chance to meet the instructors and mentors and I will get the right direction of learning and get a chance to join the mentorship program…but I’m really worried about the job opportunity…I heard that it’s really hard to get a job visa in Canada and so if I didn’t have a chance to get a work visa or If no studio gives me a job offer…all of the money I put in will be wasted on other meaning…and also I don’t really know how I can get a job at film industry…I mean in which way…they call for a job and artist join or…they just saw the artist on artstation and ask for a job or what…I only have experience of working on game projects for US indie game studios…so I expect to have an opportunity to get a job after the program…so guy what should I do pls advise…and pls also share if some have the experience of working in industry.