shortfilm Broken (stereo 3d)


Hi everyone,

          Here is an animated short we created at the university of applied sciences in Mainz, Germany last winter. It's an experimental project on stereo 3d explicitely designed to be watched on autostereoscopic displays (e.g. tridelity), and the storytelling is entirely based on that fact.
          Broken[/i] is the story of two robots living behind a television screen. When the big screen gets accidentally destroyed by a loose pipe they get confronted with the world outside. This does not only bring the excitement of new freedom, but comes with unsuspected dangers as well.
           There’s a couple of versions for different stereo3d systems: Anaglyph (red-cyan), polarization and autostereoscopic 3d (with five streams) as well as a non3d version. If you are interested in the highres versions just contact stefan voigt or me.
          [b]STEREOSCOPIC VERSION[/b] (glasses needed): 
          [[img][/img]]( [[img][/img]](
           [b]MONOSCOPIC VERSION[/b] (better colors): 
      I'd like to say thanks to my team: it was real fun to do this clip, although many nights were sleepless. Especially Stefan Voigt kept pushing the project constantly forward. thanks mate.
          The team:
          [David Shelton]( : Project management, rigging, texturing, rendering, scripting
      [Stefan D. Voigt]( concept art, animation, lighting, rendering, compositing
      [Stefan Weinberg]( modelling, concept art
      Oliver Korte: Audio 
      If you are interested in stereoscopic 3d: I have written my own stereo camera rig (based on the tutorials of Louis Marcoux), and made it available for everyone. Check it out!!! here on cgtalk: []( and on scriptspot: [](
      It's also well worthy to visit Stefan Voigts homepage. He offers a good tutorial on anaglyph color correction and the basics of compositing for s3d in After effects. [](
      bye, David


Tee hee, finally our film can be seen here! :applause:
I can’t believe we started this project back in 2008!


good short and good 3d, i like it :slight_smile:


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