Shoelaces problem on shoe rig


Hi everyone,

I’m working on character rigging and have a problem on the shoes.
The shoe consists of three elements: the shoe, the eyelet and the lace .

The shoe is skinned to four joints (ankle, heel, toe, toeend).

The eyelets are parented on the root joint (ankle) and the lower ones (closest to the most deformed zone) follow the mesh with a constraint point on poly.

The shoelace are parented on the root joint (ankle) as well, and to the vertices close to the eyelets I created clusters to keep the strings inside the eyelets.

Everything works until i move the root joint (ankle): in this case the clusters seems to go in double transformation.I tried to flag inherits transform and relative, but nothing happens.

Sorry for my english, thanks


I have checked the complete design of this type of shoe that is not comfortable for everyone and especially for women because every girl wants to wear comfortable pair of flat shoes. So most girls always look online options where they can check many flat shoes that provides a different look according to the clothes design.