shirts and jackets


i have problems on the shoulders of the shirts and jackets. their shoulders are not fitted to the character during animation. do you have any strategies that you can recommend to use on such cloths???


On a problem area like that you should consider using a Mimic constraint for the area of the mesh that is giving you problems. So you can have a skinned version of your cloth which deforms nicely. Select the verts that makeup the shoulder and your skinned mesh, then create a mimic constraint.

That’s one possible solution,


ok, really good idea but there are still some problems, i have a character who wears a shirt and a long jacket on it, i make mimic constraint some vertices of the jackets to the shirt, while my character is walking jacket waves, but the vertices which i made constraint mimic doesnot wave harmonically with the jacket, that is, there is a sharp cross within the jackets vertices.
now is there another idea?
thanks a lot…


Try adjusting the stiffness of the constraint so that it does still move dynamically.

The only other thing I can think to try would be to also paint the stiffness so that there is a falloff around the edges of the constraint.



hi, well the way i see it you have a few options:

one way is creating the pin constraints and adjusting the stiffness so it would move well but still be constrained. (as been suggested).

you can increase the friction as well. to give it a better grasp on the object.

you can also use the wrinkle paint attrib, that might change the look of your jacket a bit ,but will be grasp the object better. doing that with increasing the friction should work.

another option is skinning a jacket and shirt(diffrent obejcts), creating a syflex object from them and caching it. after that you can use the sycache with blendcaching feature anywhere you want by painting it in over at the problematic areas.

hopes this helps.
good luck


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