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Ninja Speed Box is a context sensitive tool box that changes when you are in different modes.
The modes are: No selection, single object, Multiple Objects, vertex, edge, and face.

The different modes contain functions mostly used in that mode.
When you only have faces selected it will change to face mode.
When you only have vertices selected it will change to vertex mode… etc.

you can also add your own buttons to each context shelf



some free handy tools in a compact ui for maya.
Animation re-timing, offsetting and reversing, key scaling and custom selection sets.

More info here.

shelf icon button is included as image on creativecrash (right-click save as) :slight_smile:

cheers guys!


Hi. Remind please how I can transfer the tool necessary to me on a shelf? What buttons should be clamped? :shrug:
Earlier did, and now I can not remember in any way that pressed.


holding shift+ctrl and lmb with add a tool to the current shelf.


Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:


this is great



lifechanging stuff, thx a lot!

i am just beginning to model in maya but shall chip in - MultiCut tool and holding Left Shift + Control cuts geometry detects and snaps to midpoints.