Share your shelves!!


Hi folks,
After sharing MEL-Scripts, how about sharing Shelves?

Here is one of mine. I use it for my lousy Character Setup Kung-Fu: :wip:

-The connect Buttons work as follow: select source object first then destination objects, press and done;

>>>>>>>>>>>>!!!My Shelf!!!<<<<<<<<<<<<


Thanks for the shelf…
I was thinking of posting this as a different thread, but thought maybe you could just answer it for me.
I am just starting out in Maya and have it at work and at home. I just installed it at work and the layout seems a bit different (ecspecially the shelves). Is there a way to take the preferences and bring them home so my layout is the same in both places?
thanks for any help


If you are using Windows you can copy it out of you profile floder. It would be under:

Documents and Settings/your user profile/myDocuments/Maya/4.0

Just copy and paste it on your other computer and you should have the same setup on both machines.


My shelves are very simple:

1)defult shelf

2)UI manipulation shelf(changing background color, fake image planes…etc)

3)Power Poly Tools(I’m still on 4.02, so I don’t have them implemented)

4)MJ Poly Menu

5)Bonus Game Menu

6)Edit Polygon Menu + mel scripts like Clay Magnet, Make Planar…etc


My intention initially was, that people would share custom shelves that were made for special purposes(rigging, texturing, workflow and the like) or shelves that have more complex functionality(Melscripts).

Maybe i should learn to express myself better. :rolleyes:


I think this is a great idea for a thread!

danyrey: That’s a pretty good shelf you got there, do you have any icons that go with it?

Here is my contribution:



but, I’m trying to use these shelves to learn how people set up their workspaces a little more, but I don’t know how to make this .mel show up as a shelf. I opened my script editor and opened the script, selected all and chose “save selected to shelf”…but i get one .mel on my new shelf…and i have a feeling there are more. I also tried to execute on of the mels in the script editor and didn’t get anything either. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


never mind…i figured out where they go…sorry!


danyrey- So we should post not only the shelves, but also the plugins/mel scripts too?


hm - never thought of this, because i usually, when i put a shelf together use standard commands and icons. You know, dragging out of the script editor into the shelf and assign a icon to it.

Well, if you use other scripts in your shelves, downloaded at Highend for example then you should mention them (scriptname, author) so that people know what to search for.

sorry for the bad spelling :blush: :wavey:


While we are at it lets share some marking menu’s too.

Heres my marking menu for the viewports.
I have it set to the hotkey Alt+x

Viewport Marking Menu

It was made by dragging from the script editor.



I love my prefs, I bring them everywhere on a floppy.

All my poly tools and frequently used modeling tools are up on the North marking menu,… including GI_JOe, Quick Selection Set Wizard, Center Picot, Delete History, Lattice,… etc,…I have to make an animation menu set for theSouth Marking menu now.

Then I have hotkeys for:

Render new image
select contiguos edges
grow shring selection
toggle between hiding UI elements and restoring UI elements.
toggle X-Ray
toggle wireframe on mesh
toggle push pull for artisan

Marking menus rule, they allow you to get the maximum size desktop and my hotkeys have the hide and restore UI elements so its really helpful.


thanx for sharing buddys


hey people, this doesnt refer specifically to shelves, but it does relate to them: shelf buttons. I made a few custom shelf buttons for maya, but for some reason they only work when theyre saved on the desktop. Ive already updated the image paths for the buttons to the new folder theyre stored in, but now maya refuses to recognize the files. Maya only seems to recognize bmp’s when theyre on the desktop.


Anyone have any good shelf buttons bmp’s they would want to share? All the ones I make are done pretty quick and ugly. Just a thought to add to this post.


maybe you’ll love this…


The link is not working. :shrug:


Icons are for: decayLight, lightGirl, MentalRay render globals, rockGen.

So how about those SHELVES people!!



I’d like to see a ‘Make Toy Story’ shelf up here.


Any body have a great nurb shelf? :slight_smile: