Share your secret weapon...!


Awww…man. I used to love this in Maya 4.5!!! I hated that it wasn’t built-in because it wasn’t updated that often. I also hated that there wasn’t a proper bevel tool in Maya, this was the main reason I shifted over to modo for modeling tasks.

I may get into Silo since I always wanted to but for a variety of reasons didn’t. My secret weapon is specialized tools. I seriously wish some company, maybe even Nevercenter would acquire Amapi Pro from Smith Micro, pull it from mothballs and incorporate it into their code. I used to love the snapping grids and the curve tools when I was an alpha , then beta tester for them. I’m seriously considering Moi3D or even Cobalt, that stuff I found is as good for base mesh modelling of some organics as newer Zbrush kit bash methods.


Hello, I decided to share my hotkey scripts, they greatly speed up my workflow. I hope you will find them useful too.
here is some: