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Great tip!

Agree, strange that it’s hidden. Even the icons look outdated.


*When you using Freeform for Retopology, you want change shortcut to improve your speed: Customise User interface> Keyboard tab> Category: PolyTools> Polydraw Extend/ Polydraw Drag :bounce:


heres a tip… use max 08! for max, newer definitely isnt better.


Amin khormaei’s fast and efficient vray setting

Adaptive DMC min : 1 to max : 25 for less noise min : 1 to max : 10 it depends on your scene you can set the less value for max subdivision

GI engine first : brute force
second : light cache

brute force subdivision : 128

calculation parameter :

light cache : min subdivs : 500   max subdiv : 3000 (it depends on your scene and count of 
                                                     objects and glossy rays like reflects and refracs)
       sample size : 0.001	

       number passes : 2  (lower value is for 1 local machine and the higher number is for dist rendering)
       Adaptive sampling : on
 reconstruction parameters :

 Pre-filter : 20

 Use light cache for glossy rays : on

 Ambient occlusion : on
 AO subdivs : 32

 Vray DMC sampler :

    Adaptive amount :   0.5 or 0.6 or 0.7 (0.6 is slower but i makes less noise and 0.5 is more slower that produce better scene)
    Min sample : 50
    noise threshold : 0.01
    Global subdivs multiplier : 2 or 3 or 4(3 is slower but it is better and 4 is more slower that produce better scene)

          Raycaster parameters :

          you should select 40% of your entire ram
          (i selected 4000 MB of my 10000 MB RAM)
          Deafult geometry : Static for still images and none motion blurred scene
          each cpu can't manage all of your ram execpt systems with two or more cpus

    lights setting :
     PLZ set the all lights sample in the scene to : 64

   Bonus : it's for making your scene more realistic

   if you want make your image like human eyes please set the AA filter to :Vray Lanczos filter
   and make your still image to photography use : area 
   make vignetting with photoshop and use the lens correction and add abberation and a little noise

   if you set the Adaptive DMC to 1:10 you don't need to add noise with photoshop

   again if you wanna use the vray work like arnold render you must ghange the primary and secondary GI engine to brute force
   but it's really slow when you render. my method is something like arnold render algorithem but faster than only brute force engines.

   don't forgot that solidrock spread shadow make shadow unreal, it seems like using color bleeding but this metod keeps shadows real. 

      index :
          please just change these attribute in vray setting and release the other to their defaults
          i test these setting and there were no artifacts
          these setting has a little noise but when you make a crowd architectural scene no one can recognize these noises
          you just find a little noise in areas are with a simple material and with light colors

thank to all member of these community

best regards

Amin khormaei

i found some artifacts in the corners if you could improve that so begin.


When rigging, and working with vertex skin values. You might find that the viewport doesn’t orbit around the selected verticies. You can fix this by setting it to use selection centre instead of use pivot centre (icon next to reference co-ord system in top bar )

As a general rule don’t call something finished until you’re happy with it yourself.


Can anyone help me how to get this result
(watch 00:14 sec in this video…a silver star on a red sphere…the star has a very smooth curved surface …any possible technique? modeling …or by rendering)


That seems like an animated material, but this actually isn’t the correct thread for questions, it’s more for sharing tips of max.
If you need help with the problem, open a new thread.


Add “original” separator to your custom toolbar instead of those you can put from within Customize User Interface (tested in 2013)

  • Open the CUIX file you want to fix
  • Find:

<Item typeID=“2” type=“CTB_MACROBUTTON” width=“0” height=“0” controlID=“0” macroTypeID=“3” macroType=“MB_TYPE_ACTION” actionTableID=“647394” imageID="-1" imageName="" actionID=“Separator`Seperator” tip=“Separator” label=“Separator” />

  • Switch the above to:

<Item typeID=“3” type=“CTB_SEPARATOR” width=“6” height=“16” orientation=“31” visible=“1” />


That is just SO AWESOME! I have been looking for that one for years! So much that I finally ended up not using separators in my custom toolbars.
I love to customize my workspace. Most people do. To everyone, a piece of advice that has worked for me great:
Do not use hotkeys. Why? Just because they constantly make you change your sight from the screen to the keyboard and viceversa. That constant change of light intensity going into your eyes slightly damages them, and when you grow old you get a lot of sight problems.
Instead of hotkeys i started populating my quads with custom options. And guess what? Now my eyes are seldom tired, even after loooooooooooooong sesions of work, and I am far more efficient. I just anchor my fingers on the Shift, Ctrl and Alt keys of the left side of my keyboard in a way that I never need to look at them (I have been practicing for a while to achieve this but now it has became a second nature and feels so natural) because after all… Who can get rid of those keys anyway? But I never look at them.
I even have a Delete button around so I do not need to hit the Del key! :smiley: Boy, that’s nerdy


If 3ds Max 2013 change language automaticaly, you will fix it by:

  • Run (Windows + R), type: regedit
  • Go to that path: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Autodesk\3dsMax\15.0
    on the right window you will find CurrentLanguage, right click and choose modify and change value data to ENU


lol thank you… I just did!! haha :beer:


To delete ALL cameras and lights, maybe out of stock model scene.
just type in the script mini listener:

delete cameras
delete lights

you can try it with any object category like helpers, shapes


assign target weld to ‘x’ key :smiley:
if you are a 3dsmax user, try out edge extrusion method over box modeling. much easier for me.
script controllers used instead of wire parameters. (solid and less confusing to me)


To speed up long saving and clean the file with unnecessary entries in Maxscript editor you need to write (after each item Enter) :

  1. gc()
  2. freescenebitmaps()
  3. clearUndoBuffer()
  4. while (numNoteTRacks TrackViewNodes.Max_MotionClip_Manager > 0) do deleteNoteTrack TrackViewNodes.Max_MotionClip_Manager (getNoteTrack TrackViewNodes.Max_MotionClip_Manager 1)



this feature is very useful, but it’s not fully developed - enabling the render history is done at your own risk (they may be errors or bugs):

  1. Click on Start
  2. Right click on the Computer text and select Properties
  3. Click the Advanced System Settings text on the left
  4. Click on the Environment Variables button
  5. Under System click the New button
  6. Create a new variable called VRAY_VFB_HISTORY and set the value to 1
  7. Click OK and close the windows
  8. Start 3ds Max


To change the selection type from one type to another you should hold ctrl and click on the selection type


Can you please elaborate this a little more? I dont get it.


For example when you select some polygons - instead of mouse right clicking and choosing “convert to vertex” - you can simply hold ctrl and click “vertex” on editable poly selection tab - the same result.


Usually when you add a texture to viewport background (by alt +B ) quality is horrible (even when the texture has high resolution)
To get the preferred resolution you should:

  • open asset tracking window (shit +t)
  • click on scene file > bitmap performance and memory
  • enable proxy system > yes
  • click on the bitmap which is interesting for us > bitmap performance and memory > global settings > downscale map to full


When I work on larger scene this tool reminds me when is the time to save file