Shake training -- wait for NAB?


I was thinking of buying some Shake training videos from CMIVFX (they have a 40% deal). But NAB is so close (Final Cut Studio 3 is almost a given). Do you think I should wait for Phenomonon? Could it be a part of FCP3 or Motion 4?


I am guessing that we won’t see phenoma-anything at NAB.


Where do you see a 40% discount? Is there a coupon number? Or is it limited to selected titles?

On the subject I agree with Aneks, I don’t think we will see a Shake replacement at NAB. I don’t even think we will see Final Cut Studio 3 now to be honest.


The 40% deal expired yesterday. Get on their mailing list! :wink:


Apparently builds for Final Cut Studio 3 were confirmed over the last 3 months, plus several sources from within Apple have confirmed the Shake replacement sometime around NAB this month. Also, FS is usually updated every 2 years or so, and its the 10th year anniversary this month. So I would expect something special from NAB :wink:

Check one of the articles here


, plus several sources from within Apple have confirmed the Shake replacement sometime around NAB this month

No they haven’t. No one officially associated with Apple in any way has ever mentioned anything to do with a successor to Shake. In fact the only official thing ever said was a huge “no comment” by Dion form Pro apps over 2 years ago in an interview with FXguide. Whilst un-informed chatter on the internet has been rife the fact is that Apple have a strong corporate directive which forbids any discussion of products prior to release. Anything you may have heard is total conjecture.

not to sound like a totally nay-sayer, but these articles appear every year before NAB and frankly are based on nothing.

If apple ever show a new compositing app, which many doubt they will, it will have a massive uphill battle against all the bad will they have generated by treating those in the vfx industry like crap for the last 3 years.

As much as I owuld love to see something new form them and hope they do show. It is pretty much too late for folks like me as many employers have already moved on to apps like Nuke.


I tend to agree with what Aneks is saying. I also think Apple has waited too long to release a replacement for Shake. Nuke is pretty much taking over the position Shake had. Shake is still more used for many reasons but Nuke is the new kid on the block and a lot of the bigger houses are smoothly transitioning to it. I don’t see those houses dropping Nuke for whatever Apple releases now. The wheel is already turning for a while. I think Apple might have missed the train, at least for the pro market. Now what Apple can still do is take on After Effects for the hopbby and prosumer market.


Makes sense. Nuke is getting up there. I just wander what is Apple’s plan. I don’t think they would give up their position so easily.


I have just wrapped working on Raimi’s new horror flic, Drag me to Hell, and while everything we did on DMTH was comp’d in Shake, I have to say I have been getting up to speed on Nuke as I think there is little doubt that’s where a lot of the production will eventually migrate. It is so much more powerful, robust and stable than Shake, albeit a little bit of a bear to get your head around after working with Shake for so long. But it has a lot of similarities too, mainly because The Foundry has three of Apple’s Shake developers working on it. And some major improvements in workflow plus of course the fact that it only runs in a 32-bit environment so even if you are only working in 8-bit in color grading and alike you will lose absolutely nothing. And if you are running in 16-bit cineon or fbx or 32-bit exr files, it just runs them all plus has built in 3D cameras and primitives onto which you can map, for example a sky texture on a sphere etc., and of course you can bring in an exr sequence and read out and adjust separate specular, reflection and many other passes from the single image file. Amazing software even though I am still more comfortable in Shake after three days playing in Nuke.


Just have to disagree with you here. The letter that all of us received when they EOL Shake specifically said that they we’re stopping the development of Shake 4.1 to work on the next gen compositor. Whether or not they are still working on it is completely separate issue.

You can read the letter here:
And to quote the specific paragraph:

Apple will no longer be selling maintenance for Shake and no further
software updates are planned as we begin work on the next generation of
Shake compositing software.
While we’re excited about the innovations we can
bring in the future, we understand you have a business to run today that
requires Shake. To that end, we will provide all Maintenance customers with
the following three options:


Companies do not immediately jump on new software. Especially something brand new which takes a couple versions to flush out the bugs before people to jump on board and start using it in their pipeline.

Learn what people are using now, not what people might possibly be using in 5 years. It took Nuke and Shake years before people really started using it.


right you are Deke.

well I guess I better start saving my pennies for this new app !


Hell no! :slight_smile:

Seriously to anyone new to cgi, never bet on anything before it ships. You will always screw yourself. So many companies either announce stuff 2 years before it is ready to ship or people try to bet on crazy rumors about products that aren’t even announced. The next new amazing thing is always buggy as hell and will take a couple years before it is viable.


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