Shadow Catcher in ProRender


I’ve been trying ProRender render engine in 3ds max for a while, I’m really happy with the performance and output that I’ve been able to achieve but there are some things I’ve not been able to understand properly.

When rendering an object with an hdri background I try applying shadow catcher material on a plane for shadows but for some reason I don’t see shadows and I don’t see the plane either, so I can confirm this that the material is working but there are no shadows. I can see object in alpha channel but ofcourse no shadows and neither any result through passes/ AOVs so there’s gotta be something I’m missing here, I read there used to be a ‘ground settings’ section available separately in render settings in earlier versions of the renderer but it has been removed since then.
These are some images of test render that I did and as seen here, there are no shadows rendered, I even tried editing shadow catcher mat but still no result.

If anyone can help fixing this problem I would really appreciate it.



The same problem with C4D, if anyone can help…