Settings for mimicking PS1 graphics?



I recently got an idea for some world-building and animations for a project, using low-poly models and low-res textures, mimicking the old PS1 art styles.
This the kind of thing I plan to replicate in terms of scenery and props :

I’ve already figured out that I’ll have to work with low-res, no anti-aliasing renders, however I’m not sure what settings I should use for the materials in the scene.
I can use Photoshop to manually make the textures blocky, but I’m certain the UV maps will distort the textures and cause blurring.

What can I modify and experiment with in the project settings / properties of each material to make them look rough / blocky?

I have C4D R12 and R16.


I think you’ll need to disable any filtering happing on the textures. It may also be a good idea to play with the mip-mapping settings too.


Thank you!
I achieved the effect i was looking for somewhat.
I’ll have to see how it turns out later on when I have all props and buildings ready.


if you are using c4d render engine, maybe use the cel render post effect and quantize the colors/illumination to 32 levels.




That’s brilliant. Thank you very much!
I like the dithering effect this added.
Hopefully it won’t mess up the texture colors too much later.


Looks retro videogame gfx. Well done


what were your render setting to achieve this effect?