Set texture scale of multiple objects at the same time?


when I use the R-click>“select all textures/tags” I can modify the projection type and tiling of a texture assigned to multiple textures at once (i.e from UV to cubic)- but I can NOT modify the texture “gizmo” scale (it’s greyed out).
I typically have many objects (archviz scene) that needs to have all objects just use cubic mapping at the same scale, but I have to go in and manually edit each texture tag, to ensure that the scaling of the cubic mapping is consistent.
How can I set the texture scale of many objects at once to the same value (e.g. 100x100x100, like default value)??


If I understand what you want to do correctly, you can highlight as many Texture Tags as you need and then click the Coordinates tab in the Attributes Manager and type in the Scale in there.


yes, thank you!
for some reason I never tried using the attributes manager (in 10 years!) I always use the coordinates manager, and for some reason the scale is greyed out there when multiple texture tags are selected.