Send me critique to my new work - I improved lot of things


Is this good enough fo game industry ?



Again, really not sure what aesthetic you’re focusing on whether AAA stylized or realism?!

If the latter?!

then your competition are those already working in an industry role - NOT the annual avalanche of prospective applicants trying too gain entry…

Aiming for this benchmark, will certainly attract attention as a potential hire:

Perhaps, for the moment at least continue striving to improve your skill-set.


IMO, you should research actual 3D job postings to get an idea of where the industry is right now.

For example, here is the expectations for a Junior Character Artist from a world famous Game Publisher.

To be eligible for this role you must have graduated with a Bachelor or Master’s Degree in 2021 or be graduating in 2022 from a UK University. Students from outside the UK will only be considered for the role if they are eligible for a graduate visa or already have the right to work in the UK.

Working as part of the Character Art team, as a Junior Character Artist you will assist in the creation of engaging characters.

Create character models in line with technical requirements and artistic direction;
Communicate and collaborate with key stakeholders to confirm task direction and consistency of work;
Develop an understanding of best practices, production pipelines and workflows;
Track and update the progress of day to day tasks using the designated tracking tools;
Support the Lead Character Artist in any ad hoc tasks and duties;

Good interpersonal and communication skills;
An understanding of shader and texture pipelines;
Good understanding of animal and human anatomy;
A Good knowledge of hard surface modelling and retopology techniques;
Experience with sculpting tools such as Zbrush;
Experience with modelling packages such as Max, Maya or Blender.
Exposure to industry game engines and production pipelines is desirable;
Experience with cloth simulation packages such as Marvellous Designer is desirable.
Experience with hair generation software such as XGen is desirable;
A knowledge of character skinning is desirable;
An understanding of data management software (e.g Perforce) is desirable;
Knowledge of the video games industry and awareness of typical video game development processes is desirable;
Bachelor’s degree in Computer Graphics, Art or other relevant subject.

So not only do you need to tick every box, but also be prepared to demonstrate your skills as the employer may require you to pass an Art Test.

For critique of your portfolio piece, the most glaring error is you did not post screenshots from a game engine.

At the very least, download the new Unreal Engine 5 which is designed for next gen consoles. Your second best option is to also learn & use Unity, because a lot of Mobile games use it.

Another major problem comes from your workflow. It’s good that you posted Sketchfab, which is a real time model viewer. But I looked at your normal map channel and your character has none. Only the ground.

You need to find some good 1 hour+ tutorials on youtube that generally covers 3D Character Creation from beginning to end. There’s plenty out there for you to study.


very good work
well done
and this is my new work


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