[semi-solved] Naming error & a constraint network that's jumping the gun.


Edit: Got word from someone at ILM to ignore this error message and move on… so… moving on…

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So two issues with my Houdini file:

First is that in the SOP network is a connectadjacentpieces node with a naming error message that I can’t figure out. Image of the error message is attached. Original topic addressed here: https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/56988/?page=1#post-255544

The other problem is that my DOP’s constraint network is activating when it shouldn’t. In the tutorial, the lesson’s version doesn’t break apart despite gravity. It remains rock solid as where mine begins to immediately crumble at the base (presumably from its own weight). I’m not sure how to remedy this since everything appears to match the lesson. The original topic posting is here: https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/57056/?page=1#post-255542

I’m using a newer version (16.5) than what’s used by the instructor, but I’m new enough to Houdini that I don’t know what might be a change because of the version versus something that is plain out my fault.

My apologies for the topic dupes, but as you can see from the posting of the first issue, I’m not getting any help over there, so I came here with the hope that someone can offer me a hand with this.

Thanks and cheers.


My apologies, but for some reason I’m not seeing my attachments. If you are, then great. If not, the links go to the official SideFX forum where the same images and the hip file are located. Sorry for any inconvenience. ~Chaz