Selecting all the edges between two selected edges


Some UV programs have an edge selection mode where you select an edge, then select another edge further down along the same “line”, and it will select all of the edges between the two you have selected.

Does anyone know if there’s a way to do that in C4D?

I’m familiar with the path selection tool and its different modes, but wasn’t sure if that can be done.


Select first edge, then hold Ctrl (Cmd) + Shift and click on edge further down. Double-clicking an edge will select the entire loop.


Ah, ctrl and shift does it…just what I needed.




Is there also a way to do the same thing while adding a Ring Selection?
So instead of selecting an edge and then selecting another edge further down, I want so select a Ring Selection and select another Ring selection further down and it will select all of the edges in between.

Also, is there a way of turning a Loop Selection into a Ring Selection, meaning a way of applying a Ring Selection operation on an already selected loop? Or even just applying Ring Selection to multiple selected edges at the same time?