Select .jpg for preview based on dropdown menu .tiff selection


Bit of an odd one here but I am using stupidly large image files and thought it would be best to set up preview versions so…

I have a folder structure like this…

Root > Textures > Tex001


Root > Previews > Tex001

So far I have a dropdown list displaying all my Textures and applying the selected texture to a map slot. What would be the best way to display the corresponding jpg of that selected dropdown list item? I already have the container set up like this

bitmap PreviewImage “bitmap” width:400 height:200 fileName:(“Previews\Tex001.jpg”)

and the dropdown menu is populating through an array such as…

MyTextures = getFiles (“Textures*tif”)
MyTextureNames_names = #()
for MyTexture_map in MyTextures do (append MyTextures_names (filenameFromPath MyTextures_map))
MyTextures_dropdown.items = MyTextures_names

I have a feeling strings are the way to go (replace, append etc) but this is not something I have played with before and I’m not sure if its the best option.

Any advice, guidance and examples would be great. Thank you :wink: