Security for 3D data and Game Art


Hi! I’m conducting some research for a startup and was hoping to get some answers to the following questions:

Does your organization, or you as an individual, have concerns over sharing assets and creative content?

What security processes are currently in place for sharing data?

Thanks in advance!


Most Fx houses are controlled by
No fun to work without internet :smiley:


This is part of the issue - FX/Animation shops are using outdated methods to prevent piracy and leaks… As we’re moving into a more remote world, something must change


Really big productions for really large clients don’t do work remotely.
Data is usually only shared between branches of the same company.
Say ILM San Francisco and ILM Vancouver. So its still pretty much internal to ILM.

Big Film Studios like that.

And a lot of these VFX studios are located in big ‘cg community’ cities so often don’t need to look for more obscure artists in remote places around the world. The artists come to the cities where the work is-then move around from studio to studio if they like the place.

So ‘remote work’ isn’t part of such core pipelines. The pipeline complexity means everyone works inhouse.


This all makes sense. But just because something has always been done one way, doesn’t mean it must continue that way.

I’ve had various conversations with artists who are sick of the 2 hour LA commute.

If assets can be secured and locked down in realtime, why not allow your employees to work remotely?

Thanks for the response!:slight_smile:


Seems nice. But logistically a proprietary pipeline also has to be shared and maintained.
Otherwise this can benefit the begining of production only. Say a concept artist whose work is done before real production starts.

As soon as you have and end-to-end pipeline in full swing introducing remote data content gets much harder to support and troubleshoot for the artist and everyone who depends on their work…

So the bigger picture is " Security for 3D data and Game Art - and how do you get a complex pipeline on ‘the Cloud’ ".


For some Clients our Artists have to login with there Handies to get acces to the Data via Shotgun.


Thats kewl oglu.
How are the proprietary DCC setups maintained remotely (Software builds, licensing, plugins, TD tools/scripts, etc)?


We maintain everything inhouse cause we have multiple Clients. We own all our tools.


So basically the artists are local. Only the client is remote. So only the provided data (ref/assets/editorials etc) is remotly accessed then?
I think we are all doing something like this…


Foundry tried to provide everything and failed.

And Autodesk is starting something similar.