Secret service by slash studios


Hi, guys, I am new here and want to share my university project and it consists of two members and is a vfx short film

Secret service by slash studios
The project is a VFX short about a spy who breaks into a location in order to acquire some intel which helps save the world. The project genre is Action/Thriller and the target demographic is towards anyone that’s into the genres specified and within the age of 11 and above, the Vfx short will include visual effects elements as the main character enters the location and runs into several booby trap elements which will be portrayed as Vfx. The concept of the Vfx short was inspired by several spy classics whereby the protagonist experiences nearly impossible missions but still excels at the end of the day.

We set up our location to portray that of a smart house, displaying modernism, and having a futuristic feel to it

We would love it if you guys can give us comments