Secret Agent Entry: Jama Jurabaev


Jama Jurabaev is entered in the “Secret Agent” update: View Challenge Page

Latest Update: Work In Progress: Concept


 Hello everybody,
 So we are going to participate in this wonderful challenge.
 Here is our team.
 Eric Dima-Ala
 Florian de Gesincourt
 Gordon Tarpley
 Jama Jurabaev (Team leader)

JiaHao Ng
Juan I.Salgado
Mateja Petkovic

 Maybe some other guys will join us after.
 We will start to post our works soon.


Also part of the Team is JiaHao Ng :slight_smile:

We will have updates soon


Hey, forgot about Wooky,
Thousand excuses.


Finally, sweet



So here is our story.
It is quite simple and neat.
Where have an agent. A mouse who wants to get a top secret cheese from highly guarded kitchen.))

Here is the first ideas,
We are hardly working on storyboard.




Trying to visualize some action scenes


Mateja Petkovic did great mood pictures of the concept.

Mouse agent makes it way to the cheese.


Another one




realy nice stuff! Cool designs :slight_smile:

Good luck


excellent ideas. Really waiting for next updates


Beautiful mood! And a really fun idea!

Are you going to use live action background plates?


Florian created a quick sketch of kitchen looking like a highly defended base with watchtowers and etc.


Another great sketch from Mateja,
we are thinking to go as crazy as possible.
Cyborg cats? Why not?)


Haha, this is coming along well. Looking forward to this one.
So I suppose these are just to set mood, or you guys planning to mix live with CG?
Keep them coming!


Pyke: we don’t know yet, i wish, will see.
RedCigarette: we are still working on good story and storyboards as well as this mood concepts

Anyway thanks for critics



DUDE! THis is AWESOME! Love the idea! Man, I’m excited to see this one. The competition heats up. Some really good teams out there, this is one of them!


Thanks Dave,

we will do our best