Sebastian Lozano - Beyond the wall challenge


Hi guys! I finally made time to start and I hope to keep it up. This are some thumbnails I’ve done. I’m yet to decide where I want to put the focus of the scene


Ups, I’ve forgot to upload my progress. I’ll start showing it in the next entries. Hope I can make it in time

this are the thumnails I liked the most and took to color


This are some quick designs I did for the characters that had more presence in the image


Here’s the process to come up with a more refined color comp


having a color comp that satisfies me I can proceed to be more specific with my layout


wip, hope I get to balance all that’s not working


I’m tempted to call it a day, but if tomorrow I have nergy lefft I’ll make the last adjustments


I’d still like to make some changes, but if i’m too late I’d like to call this one FINAL. Must I say that since I know little about GoT or the books my desings may lean dangerously away from the lore ones. So I tryed to convey the obvious duality through the dragons


So, here’s the changes I wanted to make. This is now my FINAL. If this one is uploaded too late then the last entry would be the final. Had a great time participating!