Sdoppler #DrawCember Sketchbook thread


It’s nice to see you’re trying different things :slight_smile:
Are there any tools you like more than others? Or less? Just out of curiosity


Haha, I can relate with Day 12. I feel great after cleaning the house :slight_smile:
I also really like Day 11… I don’t think I’d have enough experience and patience to pull something like that !


I used white gouache on black paper! I love painting on black. It makes me think differently than a white background


I really like watercolors, but they take a lifetime to get the hang of it. But I really like digital painting, colored pencils and oil pastels. So that why I try different things, I like most of the mediums :smiley:


Haha, thanks a lot! I started painting with acrylics a year ago. It was a rough start but I like them now. And figure drawing is just so cool I could do it the whole day! Observational drawing helped me a lot.


#DrawCember number 14 - A gift I made for a friend.


Really sweet picture there! I love water colours also, I try and let the whiteness of the paper shine through the colour, that way Im always thinking about the translucent nature of watercolour paint.


There’s a lot of variety in here! I like your Day 12 the most :smiley: and your gouache work! I always found the medium a bit intimidating to use


Thanks! I’m still a newbie on gouache, so i agree it’s intimidating…


#Drawcember 15 - Some sketches i did for a page marker i want to make :slight_smile:


I love those flowers! So pretty


#DrawCember 16 - I’m very late. But guess I can still keep posting the last ones, right?


I don’t see why not :slight_smile: Very neat image.


Day 14 that you made for you friend its really cool! :slight_smile: and day 16 its an interesting take.


#DrawCember 17 - a quick sketch of my mom.


Thank you POSEIdOON and justcallmeinsane :slight_smile:


DrawCember 18 - Sparrows. So tiny, so cute and so noisy.

Happy holidays :slight_smile: