Sdoppler #DrawCember Sketchbook thread


Hello everyone!

I’ve been doing the daily drawing challenge since last year, so this is the perfect moment to participate on Wacom’s contest.
Check out my social media pages to see previous drawings (since july/'16):
Glad to participate. Good luck to all of us <3


This is my first entry for #DrawCember #MadeWithWacom .
It’s a simple animation. Hope you like it!


Day 2 of #Drawcember
Here are some abstract experiments on traditional media i did today. I used watercolor and candle wax on paper.
The last image is my favorite, it turned out to be a self portrait with a cartoon-ish look.


Nice to see you experiment with different media and mediums :wink:


I like your color choices on these.


@Aikman i always have lots of fun experimenting with different media/mediums. But that also makes it hard to focus, which can be a problem… :slight_smile:

@SmallPoly Thanks. Watercolors have a way of blending that i adore. Love them.


Here’s the drawing for day number 3. Based on the scarf prompt :slight_smile:

#DrawCember #MadeWithWacom #cgsociety


Day 4 #DrawCember #MadeWithWacom #CGSociety

Happy radish doing some kind of dance. Can’t help but think radishes are cute. Am i the only one?


Loved the animation you made on the first and your experiments, but the Day 4 is more the style i like :slight_smile: and funny ehehe
But i’ll continue wanting to see more experiments :slight_smile:


Thank you Poseidoon! I’ve been enjoying your comic style too!
I always have fun doing drawings like the 4th one :smiley:


Thank you sdoppler! I’m glad you like and also hope to see more stuff in this radish style :slight_smile:


I really liked the animation.


Thank you STFVIT! With was really fun to do.


Day 5 - Today i wasn’t near my wacom, but i had painting class, so here’s a work in progress. Acrylic on canvas, size A5.

#wacom #cgsociety #drawcember


That day 1 animation reminds me of the soot balls in the Miyazaki films! I like that you’re experimenting with different media and styles! Keep up the good work!


Yes the animation from day 1 is based on soot sprites :slight_smile: Thank you for the support JPTsui!


Haha, totally see what you mean that radishes can be cute :stuck_out_tongue:


A 5 minute drawing for day 6 of #DrawCember. Didn’t manage to do a digital one today. Busy day!
#wacom #cgsociety


Bad late night drawing for day 7 #drawcember . Couldn’t do anything better today :confused: #cgsociety #wacom


I’m a little behind. Here’s the drawing for day 7 (omg sorry it’s actually day 8) of #drawcember
#cgsociety #madewithwacom #wacom