SDK plugin bug


Hi all, I’m having trouble with a custom modifier plugin. If the modifier is hidden and the file is saved, closed and re opened it will turn back on!

I hunting through the help files to find a function that fixes this issues. The code generated by the wizard has this issue. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


don’t use the wizard.


Why is the wizard bad. This is my only bug?


looks like I have exactly the same issue with my wizard generated mod


In your overridden Save/Load functions, make sure you call the base class functions. So:

IOResult MyCustomModifier::Save(ISave* isave)
    Modifier::Save(isave); //NEED THIS LINE

    //your code goes here
    return IO_OK;


IOResult MyCustomModifier::Load(ILoad* iload)
    Modifier::Load(iload); //NEED THIS LINE

    //your code goes here
    return IO_OK;

If you don’t call the base class functions, things like modifier enabled/disabled state won’t be saved to the file.


Thanks ivanisavich, this completely fixed it!!!