[SDK] named selection set



I want to get the named vertex selection set from objects.
When I use

IMeshSelectData* msd = GetMeshSelectDataInterface(object);
GenericNamedSelSetList &ss = msd->GetNamedVertSelList();

I can get selection set from Editable Mesh or Editable Poly Object.
But I can’t get the list from objects which having EditMesh / Poly Modifier. Result of “msd” is NULL.

How should I get the selection set list from those modifiers objects?


There is an example of this in the SDK.



Thank you very much! I get information from modifier with it.!!
But I have one more question.

That method finding only in modifier.
So, in the situation which “Editable Mesh + Bend modifier”, How do I get selection set from Editable mesh?
can’t get imformation. But
is only for modifier.



what is the difference with what you tell in the original post?
all is the same simple - just ask GetMeshSelectDataInterface(obj) where obj is a BaseObject


Sorry, I forgot to find BaseObject.
Now, I got everything. thank you very much!