[SDK] alembic object progress bar?


If you’ve imported an alembic object into a max file (in 2017, at least) and enabled “performance mode” in the alembic object settings, you’ll see a yellow/green progress bar appear under the time slider in the max UI.

Is this feature exposed to the SDK somehow? Or an internal feature implemented by the max dev team?

Curious if anyone has encountered this type of thing elsewhere in the max wild. Would be nice to implement in plugins that have an internal cache.


i have no idea what you are talking about. Could you post a screenshot please?



there is nothing in SDK about this… it’s a custom drawing i guess. And they use the trackbar for painting area because it’s easy to find by known HWND

but… what if the trackbar is hidden?

tb = maxOps.getTrackBar() 
tb.visible = off

how do they paint the progress in this case?


Yea I found nothing in the SDK and tried to use Spy++ to get the HWND with no luck…I imagine it’s some custom track-bar related drawing method. Shame it’s not exposed in the SDK…could be very helpful for a lot of things.


did you try to hide the trackbar? where do they draw in this case?