Sculptris to EI


I post this in the EIAS3D forum as well…

Just download Sculptris (something like Zbrush) this afternoon, in a bout 5 hours of hard-work, this is what I’m able to come out

Sculptris is very easy to use, fast and stable, it doesn’t crash my PC at all, the texture and the bump map are all created in Sculptris, it export Obj with UV, I use Silo to convert the obj to fact without any trouble, there is about 200k of polygons (if not mistaken), it takes about 3-4 minutes to render with GI & RT Transmission

Sculptris is Free, it do lacks of those advance features in Zbrush, but what else can I ask for more with the quality model created with this fabulous freebie


Impressive… their demo looks pretty cool too.


Hi yhloon,

looks pretty nice! I downloaded it also a while ago, to test it under BootCamp, and must admit it´s a really nice program. I especially like how it tessellates on the fly when you pull out details on the shape you are working on. Not the same with Silo or modo.

BTW here´s another cool freebee when it comes to modeling:



Yoon that’s awesome. I’m going to look at it. A lot of people don’t like ZBrush interface, I would like to see this, maybe I can recommend it.


OMg. I can only imagine how much work that MeshMixer would have saved me over the years.

But seems like modelling from scratch might become a lost art with software like that!


Hi all,

just discovered that Sculptris is now available at Pixologic… :thumbsup:
Congrats to the programmer!



Pixologic acquired Sculptris! This should be interesting. As Alonzo pointed out, some folks don’t like the ZBrush interface (I’m one of those!), so I hope they don’t absorb the product. I’d hate to see it disappear.


Interesting that his Donate link is still active…

I hope it continues forward as well. It is a fun little program to play around with. Even my 8-year-old has fun creating faces.


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