Scrollbar within a dotNet form?


Hi everyone!
I’m very new to dotNet, but have been dabbling in maxscript and python for some time, and I’m looking to create a ui that contains a primitive, scrubbable timeline along with vertical scrolling capability. It’s with this second part, the scrolling ability, that I’m stuck. I’ve looked at Jonathan de Blok’s wonderful Prosequencer script for guidance, and it seems he’s accomplished most everything with dotNet “UserControl” objects, but I’m wondering if a scrollbar can be added (either into a dotnet UserControl or Form object) to reposition all of the ui elements up or down manually , or even better, automatically? I tried instantiating a Scrollbar Class, but max complains that it is an abstract class. Anyone have any pointers on how to accomplish this? I suppose I could manually build kludgy one with buttons or whatever, but I assume there’s got to be a better way. Thanks in advance.


use WPF.


Windows Presentation Foundation? I suppose that precludes the use of maxscript rollouts? Could you please elaborate and explain what using WPF would enable that, for example, nested System.Windows.Forms objects in a rollout can’t do? I also found that I can instantiate a VScrollbar, but as far as I can see, I’d have to write a function that manually shifts UI elements up and down. Thanks!


When you start using dotnet for the UI, there is two options: windows form (which is limited and outdated) or WPF (which is modern, new and unlimited). So I prefer WPF. But in both cases, you can’t use Max’s built-in controls inside dotnet controls.
In your case you need a very advanced and flexible UI that I don’t think you can achieve it by windows form or Max built-in functionality. QT may be another option. But Python is new to max, while WPF can be run on very old versions also.
So don’t waste your time with limited tools. try to create your tool inside Visual Studio as an stand alone windows application, and when you were happy with that, there is couple methods to bring that application to the Max’s UI.


I will definitely look into that then! Thanks!