scripting part by part


i created a script for an autorig head.

and i a did some bones to match a certain length with ice and then deleted ice since i dont need that any more.

the weird thing is if i run the script with everything, ears, eyelids, mouth etc… that part of the script doesnt work and doesnt respect the length of ice.

trying to debug it, i went paragraph by paragraph, when i do it like that the hole rig work fine.

is there something that i am missing when i run everything as a hole?



Without seeing the script or knowing what you’re trying to do exactly it’s impossible to answer the question.
If things run fine bit by bit, but not when you run them together, you are possibly messing things up with the data you are passing around, or not picking the right inputs to your procedure. Again though, being more specific than that going by just your post is impossible :slight_smile:


thanks J.

for some reason part by part deleting the ICE works fine. i will try later on if deleting the ICE thing i dont need after the end will fix it.



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