SciFi market collab


Me and my small team are making a pilot for an episodic show. Its about a space messenger getting into all kinds of weird situations, anomalies and strangeness. In one of our scenes there is a makeshift marketplace inside a space station, basically a docking station where one can dock their spaceships and sell whatever-they-like by the door of the dock. See the image.

So, we of course want this place to be as full of seedyness and life and fun as possible, and that’s why we’re hoping you will be a part of it. This scene is going to be a major part of the pilot, and the series if it takes off, it’s the home base of our main character, so your work will be shown at many points, probably many times over.

All of the pictures I’ve added are WIP, but the layout of the station is going to be the same as here, and the docking space that you can put your market in, as well. Your market can be anything. I’m not going to limit your imagination in any way. However, it’s nice if you can keep the polycount total under 10K, and it can not be more than 50K total. I have a 120 spaces available, but will try to keep the scene poly limit under 6 million. Everything can be animated, in fact that is best. We want it as full of life as possible. Deliveries should preferably be exported to .obj .fbx .3ds or .max . All entries will of course be fully credited and can show their marketplace in their own portfolios.

I can be contacted at , and I can send a model of the market space if required. OK, merry modelling to everyone!

Ingar K