Sci-Fi Robot (WIP)


Hi. I am working on a project for selling in UE4 marketplace and wanted to share progress with you. Right now I am almost finished design part and going to separate parts and work on them individually for fine details and of course to add cables, rotation mechanisms and so on. I am planning to add another robot after finishing this if there will be time. Going to rig this for UE4 and now I might make some design changes for the moving parts. Till now whole process done in Zbrush with Move, Cbuildup and H-Polish.

Right now I am focused on a head part and creating IMM Curve brushes for wires and things like that and will experiment with shapes and places ))

Any design ideas, criticism are welcome.


I think youre off to a good start.
Depending on what type your robot is from (For example: military vs commercial), this can highly affect how your rhythm of your shape language should be.
Think of lines feeding into each other for continuity. Also think of which direction lines are going to (For example: S curves, V lines, Horizontals)


Thank you for advices. This will be military robot. For now I think this will be light robot with rifle gun. And for design I wanted to make something skeletonish structures with S curvish V lines. :slight_smile: I will fill some ares with musculish shapes and wires in empty areas as on the pelvis or under shoulder areas e.t.c. and may be will add some supporting bridge parts between some pieces to support both underlining and armor pieces. I didn’t sketch so trying to make all from my brain and imagination. Trying to avoid to look for references. Want to improve my design skills just like Vitaly Bulgarov said in Gnomon video.


Dont be afraid to use references. But make sure youre referencing from the real world though and not from other people’s work. :smiley:


I am trying to design it by myself. But if I will fail to make beautiful design or reasonable moving parts I will do what you said :slight_smile:


Finally found a time to make big parts of hands. Do not like some parts but for designing overall shape will stick with this for now.


Finally finished refining big parts and put the model at same pose as UE4 mannequin for easy retargeting. It is time do dig in to inner parts design. Still


Hi guys. worked a bit on the project. Added some muscle type things to hand, neck, made elbow connection part and modified the part between elbow and hand. Not happy with modified shape yet. Will make corners more rounded. Still long way to go.


A little bit more progress. I think almost finished hand and arm design. Still not happy with some parts but do not want to spend more energy on this now. Will come back in final touch moment.


I like how this is going, great overall shape, keep with the good work


Sooo. Little bit of progress on underarmor part.


Thank you. I am glad you liked it :slight_smile:


Worked a bit on legs.


So. Finally. :slight_smile: I think I finished the final designing process with rough details. Now it is time to retopology in Modo and refine it futher. At first I thought I would do entire process in Zbrush. But now I see I am losing my motivation because progress is so slow. So I think polygonal modelling will speed up my process.


Looks, great, but at the first glance there is a lot of the same scale detail, it’s hard to stop eye on something. I’m curious how you will texture it, grouping it into some bigger parts by colour would help I think.


Thanks. Yes the scales of details is same for this designing period. But as I said the fine details I will add in Modo during or after retopo process. Right now I only want to focus on model itself. After that as you said may be I will make material ID by coloring different parts and apply materials in painter by ID map. I think the easiest way will be this :slight_smile:


Did some retopo. :slight_smile: Still not game res but first I want to make high poly version with proper topology. After that will make game res version.


Oh. I am still alive :smiley: Did some retopo on legs in my vacation days. Missed to work on this and Nux car model.