"[Schlitzy Screentest contest] JTalbotski's WIP"


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he also provides a couple of good movie references to drunk acting: Arthur and The Days of Wine and Roses.

Just to throw my two pennies worth in, another good reference for drunken acting was Michael Caine in Educating Rita. I believe he was either nominated or won an Oscar for the role.



Hey Jim …WOW!,

I let this whole animation contest thing slip my mind and now I see that you have been working wonders. This is a realy good bit of animation for your first attempt. I have no crits (ther than what others have said). I hope that you get the animation bug so that we can see more animation from you in the future.

I really wanted to animate your character but It looks like I am a little late. I may have a go anyway as I have always wanted to animate a drunk, after all I have plenty of experience acting that way :slight_smile:


Thanks, John. I’d like to see what you do with Schlitzy if you get the chance to animate him.



Hey, Jim! The lipsynch work is impressive. I like how Schlitzy’s eyebrows go up and down when he chugs the bottle down.

I think the backward fall is the only place that needs a little work. When Schlitzy’s butt hits the ground, his torso should continue rolling onto the ground; his torso should collapse to the ground too. I think you were trying for a funny little bounce, at that point? It doesn’t work. He really should flop down, until he is flat on his back.

Well, that’s my advice. “What great ones do the less will prattle of.” :thumbsup:


Carl Raillard


I agree, amazing work for an early animation. Great job!


Thanks guys! I made some changes, but don’t have time to get to any fine detail. I hope to put up a link to my final animation later today.



Here is the link to the final version of my Schlitzy animation.


No joy with a final render of the hair. I have too much work to allow my comuter to be tied up all day rendering.

Again I want to say how much fun it was doing the contest (and to see Stephen’s work).



Great work, Jim!
His backward tumble really works, now! :applause:


Carl Raillard


Just showed it to my brother. He got a kick out of it, too! :thumbsup:


Carl Raillard


Well, I showed it (your last version before this one) to my sister and she giggled and chuckled throughout, :love: stone silence when I showed her my effort :cry:

I guess she was recognising the subtle, but deliberate subtext of unfulfilled dreams and futility of life running through my piece :rolleyes:

Anyway, it’s come out really good Jim, the end now works especially well.:applause:


The backwards tumble is a classic. I also like the bit where he has a brain-wave and runs off.


Looks better, Jim! Again, really nice work on your entry. This is going to be tough to vote on, I can see. :smiley:


Nice work! That is amazing for a first animation.


Looks a lot better Jim :thumbsup: A nice piece of work like this still needs a proper render but it’s easy to understand why you weren’t able to get that done. Anyway, great job…



well done Jim!:beer:


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