[Schlitzy Screen Test contest] Alonso's WIP


Hey People,
Well, guess I’m the dark horse with the late start, we’ll see if I can catch up. Here’s my story board,

I don’t really expect you to be able to see it clearly or understand it. I drew it on my phone bill, and the only way I have to get it into the computer is with a crappy web cam. But anyway I just wanted to post a storyboard that wasn’t all fancy like the others.

So the basic synopsis: A screen test set up, 2 lights and 1 of those backdrop thingies. Schlitzy drunkenly enters, carrying his bottle. He trips over the backdrop and falls flat on his face (losing his bottle). He gets up to his hands and knees, notices the bottle is missing and crawls over to it. He grabs the bottle, and stands up, clonking his head on 1 of the lights. He sways back and forth while glaring at the light, and rubbing his head. He takes a swing at the light but misses, takes another and connects. The light spins around and smacks him in the back of the head. Schlittzy gets knocked down out of the frame by the light, his slipper and beer bottle fly back up. Cut to ground level close up of Schlittzy, he opens his eyes and sees his slipper. He makes kissy faces at it as if it were a small kitten, pets it, pulls it close to his face, then falls asleep using it as a pillow. The end.

So far I’ve blocked it in mostly (2 hours in). I tweaked the rig to be closer to my own style of rig, and built my own proxy. Here’s a zip with 2 mpg’s, one of the blocking in with my proxy, and the other with a low res of Schlitzy doing the blocking in.

2MG Zip Folder

Aack! I just realized I pretty much straight lifted my set from Kevin’s entry. OOps, I’m an idiot. Anyway that will be the first thing I change.

Good luck to everyone.



It sounds like a great scene. I can’t download the zip file, though. It says it doesn’t exist. Is the name correct?

Looking forward to see it,


Oops, messed up the name on my server. It should work now. Gotta go build a set for it now.


Okay, I was able to download it. That’s amazing for 2 hours of work. At least to me! I’m looking forward to seeing it progress.



Nice start Alonso. No need to change your set, I mean, how many ways can you make it look like a screen test? I got my set idea from a rerun of SNL I saw recently where they did fake Star Wars screen tests. Anyway, good luck.



Well, guess I’m the dark horse with the late start, we’ll see if I can catch up.

Good luck dude, if you have doubts that you’ll finish on time - Pablo had a very late entry to the modelling contest AND finished.
I started 1 day late and didn’t…

Hope you get this done! Great to see a new face here too!


I’m out :cry: I’ve tried and tried and I just can’t get a decent crawl out of Schlitzy. His belly is wider than his femur is long:shrug: I couldn’t figure out any creative framing solutions either. I should just come up with a new story but I need to get back to working on my Demo so I can get a job. The entries that actually did get done look great guys. Schlitzy is such a great model I’m bound to get back to him sooner or later, I’ll let you know when I do.


That’s too bad, Alonso. I was looking forward to your animation.

I guess earning a living might be more important than this contest. :wink:

Good luck on the job hunt,


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