Scene Nodes Performance


Firstly, is anyone here using Scene Nodes? Genuinely interested, if not using Scene Nodes why not?

Does anyone have any good examples showing Scene Nodes performance, I’d like to compare it with Houdini and B* and get an idea of comparative performance. So has anyone got any good links to either their own stuff or 3rd party examples of Scene Node performance? I must admit to not really finding a lot in the usual places.

I’ve watched a couple of Noseman tuts where he confidently says distributions are very fast but I’ve yet to see just how fast. Please point me in the right direction.

Anyone want to come out to play?


It was a bit of a stretch to think anyone here would be using Scene Nodes or interested in them. It looks like the old Cafe is the ‘Pro’ forum now.


I am also really surprised that there is hardly anything created in Scene Nodes if you compare it to Geometry Nodes in Blender where the internet is full of examples/tutorials and cool stuff in general.

Personally I just had no time to dive in yet.


Well if you do find time to dive into SN I’d love to know what sort of performance you’re getting.

Observing from the outside I think the majority of users and studios who would’ve benefitted from SN already jumped ship to Houdini. SN came way too late for them and consequently there is a much smaller audience for SN. In my searches I’ve really only seen Rocket Lasso covering them in any detail.

The typical C4D user is vastly more comfortable using the Mograph tools in the Object Manager paradigm but simply craves better performance. Why this wasn’t addressed first beggars belief.

Geometry Nodes is proving extremely popular because it follows the same visual programming language as the Shader Nodes system so if you’re adept at creating shaders your skills transfer across very easily but with C4D’s Scene Nodes it’s a who new paradigm and language to learn. In GN’s first iteration it’s vastly more limited than C4D’s Scene Nodes yet it is incredibly powerful and some amazing procedural creations are being made already. Geometry Nodes is so popular that when I searched for Scene Nodes on YT the search returned more results for Geometry Nodes than Scene Nodes.

Once those impressive GN procedural creations find their way into impressive examples of Mograph watch how quickly the Mograph community mindshare moves. It’s going to be very interesting from this point forward.

If Scene Nodes had turned up 6 years ago I would not be a Houdini User, they look exactly what I wanted. But that’s Maxon, a day late and a dollar short.